mining Review (2023): Legit or Scam ?

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Also, in case you don’t know, is also known as Satoshi, it is an online mining platform, so in order not to fall into the wrong hands it’s highly advisable to read this review to be safe.

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What is is a Mining platform where users are allowed to mine btcs also known as “Satoshi coin” and earn. As written on the website “Because of the rapid development ofbitcoin, the value of bitcoin has risen millions of times in ten years, and only a few people have caught up with the fastest wealth train of this era.

However; this is not in line with satoshi nakamotos fair wealth creation and protection of wealth spirit.

Sotoshi coin (BTCs) is committed to recreating the second bitcoin, allowing more people to take the second wealth train. No pre-mining, fair & free, let more people own it for free, this is the mission of BTCs.

BTCs is a public beneficial, free & experimental project, regardless of the process & the result, it is a natural outcome for the survival of the fittest in evolution.

The only vision of BTCs is to be a significant currency second to bitcoin, create wealth for fairness and protect wealth.

How does work ?

A total of 2.1billion BTCs, which will be generated according to the block method and one block is generated every 10 minutes. SOOOBTCs will be awarded for each block in the initial cycle. Miners participated in mining equally share the block hash rewards.

How to mine on ?

Please carefully follow this simple guide;

  • First you need to download BTCs Satoshi App.

NOTE: Install the app but don’t open yet, you need the below info.

  • Visit This Btcs Link, it will launch the BTCs Mining App. With the link, you will earn some registration bonus.
  • Register with your valid email address, in which you need to confirm.
  • Complete your KYC levels (Know Your Customer). This process will require your valid Government ID. (e.g Voters Card, National ID Card or Driver’s license).
  • Now click the Start Mining button and you will receive free Btcs from which your portion of free Bitcoin will be sent to your wallet.
  • NOTE: Be aware that free distribution and mining of Bitcoin on the BTCs Satoshi Mining App is done every 24 hours, so you always need to go back to the app and claim your free BTC and hit the mine button again.

How to increase mining rate

There are two ways to increase the mining rate of bitcoins. You can use either the hash card or the gift card functions. The hash card method is the most commonly used. You can use the hashcard method to either initiate and share the generated code with other miners in order to combine hash and mine together, or you can get a code and join other miners in order to mine together.

Another easy way to increase BTC mining speed on the Satoshi BTCs Mining App is to invite more people using your personal referral link. To get your referral link, simply click the Recruit Miners button just at the top of the app and your referral will be displayed. Go ahead to copy it and share to your friends and family, upon a successful registration of each of your invitee you get a bonus and BTC mining speed increases.

How do I register on ?

To register on, follow the guides below:

  • Click on the Btcs Link to be redirected to sign up page
  • Click on SIGN UP
  • Input your email address
  • A verification code will be sent to your email address
  • Insert the code
  • Input a password to complete registration
  • Download the app, which is only available on android for now.

How do I login to ?

To login into your app account, just follow this step below

  • Tap on the click login button on the top of the page
  • Input your Email and password
  • Login and Continue mining your satoshi btcs.

Is Legit ?

Yes! the Satoshi BTCs mining is legit. It’s been quite a while the mining have been available and it is still running and distributing free bitcoin to active miners everyday.

If you have any thoughts on this platform, leave them on the comment section below.

Is Scam ?

No! This app is completely free to use and does not require you to pay any money. All you have to do is register and start mining. You can also invite others to join you in mining BTCs.


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