How to Open a Business Bank Account

Having a separate bank account for your business is important for properly tracking your business finances. Here’s how to open a business bank account. Opening a business bank account is a critical step in launching a business. Many new entrepreneurs, especially sole proprietors, may be tempted to use their personal bank account to accept payments and […]

What are the types of business loan

In today’s article, we will discuss about the types of business loan. You might be asking what are the types of business loan. Read to the end carefully. Small businesses that are looking for financing through a business loan have several different options. If you can’t afford to bootstrap your business but can’t or don’t […]

6 Mobile Money Apps in Nigeria

In Nigeria, this concept is becoming popular, primarily because it goes in line with the Government’s plan to have a “cashless society”. Leading the way are various apps available to consumers. These apps are available to send money to family and or friends. They are also available in stores by scanning a barcode or through the use […]

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