Things you can do during the weekend to make money

If you have a regular 9-5 job, run a business that you can take a break from on weekends or you’re a student, you may find that sometimes your weekend is free, but your pocket needs filling.

You may decide to rest because we all need to take a break sometimes but there are a lot of opportunities that you can explore during the weekend that could turn into a full-blown business, career path or a very lucrative side hustle.

And the great thing about them is you can do them only on weekends and concentrate on your full-time job after. Also, they can serve as a great opportunity for you to meet people and increase your connections. They could also improve your qualifications, prepare you for a brighter future and open you to more opportunities. So maybe you should consider putting your weekends to good use in the following ways.

Host trade fares

A great way to make more money during the weekends is by hosting trade fares. Trade fares are exhibitions at strategic places where you can display and promote your goods. The great thing about hosting trade fares in Nigeria is that it can be really easy and straightforward.

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There are many ways you can go about this. You can start by announcing on your social media platform and ask your friends to share it or you can also market it by setting up shop at a strategic place preferably somewhere close to a major road, with the permission of the owners of the premises and put up whatever goods you have on display. I know that this is a viable means of making money because just around where I live a lady hosts small trade fares on Sundays and I stopped to buy an item I saw on display. If she can do it anybody can.

Organize training sessions

Another great way would be to organize training sessions. The great thing about this is that it can be online or offline. A lot of people are looking to get better in different aspects of their lives and for sure people are looking to learn whatever it is that you decide to teach. If you’re a professional, you could train people on your skill, give accounting tips or creative writing classes. You can teach people languages. No matter the language, there’s someone who wants to learn to speak it. You can also teach people how to use certain software that you’re good at or even teach self-help skills. All these for a small fee.

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Collaborate with creatives

If you’re too overwhelmed to actually start any of these ventures by yourself you can collaborate with people who are already doing them. By contributing whatever it is that they’re lacking. You can also invest. No matter how successful they are, they would always need more money and so long as the terms are fair they are most likely going to be on board. It is important to have a lawyer present so that it would go hitch-free. Collaboration is possible in different ways, it could be by investing in a trade fare, joining training sessions and offering your own skills, or paying for the venue of any of the activities. Take a look around you, ask your friends and you may be informed of something.

Take online courses

While taking an online course is not a cash cow that would immediately start spewing cash, it sets you up to make money in the future. You can learn something that you would eventually monetize to make money from by charging others for the knowledge you’ve acquired.

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What volunteering does is that it opens doors really wide for you. It helps you to learn and gain new experiences, it helps you to meet more people.It opens you to opportunities. It is very good and impressive on your CV and even if you get nothing out of it which is very unlikely, the satisfaction that you’re helping people at no monetary charge is enough.

Create content

The good thing about content creation is that anyone can do it in anyway they like. The internet will never not need content, and content creation is for everybody. If you have a 9-5 it may be very hard for you to create content during the week. But if you utilize your weekends you could create enough content for 4 or 5 days. You could grow your account to a point where it can pay your bills. People have done it and everyday new social media sensations are being created. Just find your niche , be consistent and be your best self. Good luck!


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