RareSea.org Review: Is RareSea legit or scam ?

In this article, you will be provided with all the necessary information you need to know about RareSea.org that offer free NFT airdro for its users. Which includes; RareSea.org legit, is RareSea.org scam, RareSea.org apk, RareSea.org owner, RareSea.org date of launch, how does RareSea.org work. is RareSea.org fake or real, or any other information relating to RareSea.org.

There are so may online platforms that claim to give you some sort of returns when you invest a particular amount. Some of these platforms are legit, some only pay for a while before folding up while some others are just pure scam.

It is smart to read reviews about a platform, so you can know if the platform is paying its members as promised or if it is a complete waste of your money and time.

DISCLAIMERWe #ms-legit.com.ng are not in any way affiliated with RareSea, hence this review is based on honesty and broad insight.


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What is RareSea.org ?

RareSea.org is a fork of OpenSea that claims to eliminate the inherent flaws of OpenSea, improve platform performance, adopt a more decentralized management model, support multi-chain, and provide lower rates to improve the NFT ecosystem. RareSea will be built into a decentralized NFT platform with the largest scale, the lowest fee, and multi-chain support.

SEA is the governance token of RareSea, with a total issuance of only 5,000,000. It is intended to create a high-priced token to attract popularity! 1,000,000 SEA tokens for community airdrop. 2,500,000 SEA tokens for pre-sale, and the pre-sale price is 1 ETH = 10,000 SEA. After the pre-sale ends, SEA will be listed on exchanges such as Binance, Upbit and Coinbase. The estimated listing price of SEA is $100.

How does RareSea.org work ?

Known as a fork of OpenSea, RareSea is forked from OpenSea. To increase the performance of the NFT ecosystem, NFT wishes to remove the inherent shortcomings of OpenSea, adopt a decentralized model of management, support multiple chains, implement lower rates, and eliminate the inherent
weaknesses of OpenSea. Among the features of RareSea’s NFT platform will be its high scale, low fees, and support for multiple blockchains.

Only 5,000,000 tokens of SEA were issued for governance purposes by RareSea. To attract popularity, the token will have to be priced high. SEA tokens will be given away in token airdrops worth 1,000,000 each. The pre-sale price for the tokens is 1 ETH = 10,000 SEA, so there’s 2,500,000 for sale.
On top of that, Binance, Upbit and Coinbase will list SEA once the pre-sale ends. This is anticipated to cost approximately $100.

Who is the CEO or Founder of RareSea.org ?

Knowing the owner of any platform you wish to join is very important. Therefore, we have done many research to make sure the CEO of RareSea.org is made known to everyone. But unfortunately, we #ms-legit could not find the owner of RareSea.org as it doesn’t have an owner yet, all we know is that this platform is owned by anonymous.

When was RareSea.org launched ?

This is another important thing you should know before joining a platform. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the real date Shorta.cc was launched due to the less informations found on their website.

SEA Token Contract Address

  • 0xbFD7DEE158cc8c7A324C6D67adC283c5f67E238b
  • Symbol: SEA
  • Decimals: 18
  • Total Supply: 5,000,000
  • Blockchain: Ethereum ERC20

How to Claim Free 100 NTF Token on RareSea.org

To claim this offer is as easy as breeze, all you need to do is follow the steps below;

  1. Click Here to visit their official website
  2. Go To Trust Wallet
  3. Click Receive
  4. Choose Eth
  5. Click The Below Link To Open The Browser
  6. Click Airdrop
  7. Go To Trust and Copy the Wallet Address
  8. Paste The Address in The Box
  9. Click Claim 100 Sea

Is RareSea.org legit?

This is the main reason for preparing this post, to find out if the platform is legit or not.

From the previous experience try one of this NFT sea airdrop, means something like this cannot be trusted. There was a first nftsea.net that surfaced online in the past few months, it later turned out they can’t be trusted because they didn’t pay anyone in the end. So this platform is not neither legit nor scam at the moment writing this article.

Is RareSea.org scam?

There have been no complaints of RareSea.org being scam. But there are so many red flags about this platform which can not be ignored.

Engaging yourself with this platform now will be a personal risk. With time, we’ll get to know if RareSea.org is a scam platform or not.

If you have anything to say about this platform, you can leave them below in the comment section.

RareSea.org Withdrawal

If you successfully received airdrop through this platform, it would be sent automatically to your ETH address.


Thanks for reading this our RareSea.org review. If you have already joined this platform and got paid or not paid, please do let others know in the comment section below.

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