Cashpaddie Loan App Review(2022): How to Get Loan From Cashpaddie, Are They Reliable?

Probably, you need a loan to start up a business, pay medical bills, or make up for rent, this article is highly recommend for you. With the information provided here, you can simply download the loan app and get approved for a loan instantly.

In this post, we #ms-legit will review the Cashpaddie loan app, guide you through how it works, show you how to apply for a loan using the Cashpaddie app, and many more.

What is a Cashpaddie Loan?

Cashpaddie is an online lender that provides loans to qualified borrowers in Nigeria.

This app is one of the greatest online lenders in my opinion, and our Cashpaddie loan review will explain why.

Cashpaddie Loan is a leading loan platform where you can get an instant online loan in Nigeria. It uses data science to increase access to financial services for millions of Nigerians. The platform offers instant loans that help people achieve their business and personal needs. The company operates in Nigeria.

About Cashpaddie Loan App?

The Cashpaddie loan app first launched in 2022 and became available for Nigerians on the 17th of June, 2022. Over the last couple of months, the app has seen incredible growth with almost 1 million users and close to one million loans disbursed, worth over N2 billion in Nigeria alone. This incredible growth rate is a testimony to its service demand and usefulness.

The app is available for download via the Google Play Store if you’re an Android user.

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Loan Offered by Cashpaddie Loan App?

Cashpaddie Loan app offers a variety of loan options;

  • Loan for a business
  • Loan for travel
  • Loan for personal use
  • Loan in an emergency
  • Loan for medical reasons

What are the Processes to Obtain a Cashpaddie Loan?

Cashpaddie loans are obtained using a smartphone, and you will not be required to present security before your loan is granted.

Once the Cashpaddie app is being downloaded, you will be asked to provide your contact information, such as your phone number (ideally the one that gets bank notifications), bank verification number (BVN), and bank account number.

Cashpaddie will then seek access to your phone details, SMS records, contact lists, and GPS data. They will generate a credit score for you based on this information.

Your credit score impacts how much you may borrow, the payment plan you can pick, and the interest rate you will pay on your loan. A high credit score improves your chances of approval.

Make sure you have enough Internet connectivity on your phone before signing up so that the app can appropriately compute your credit score.

Eligibility Requirements for Cashpaddie Loans?

You would not have to offer any collateral or fill out any paperwork to apply for a loan on Cashpaddie. Cashpaddie will just ask for the following information to set up your account and credit score.

  • Mobile phone number
  • Bank verification code (BVN)
  • Bank account information

What is the Interest Rate of Cashpaddie Loan?

Cashpaddie loan interest rates differ and are determined by a variety of variables. These considerations include your credit risk, bank history, lending costs, and payback history with Cashpaddie.

The interest rates you may expect if you apply for a loan using the Cashpaddie app are listed below.
Cashpaddie Charges users 30% in 7 days is a terrible case.

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For instance: Assuming you choose a 3-month loan and borrow NGN20,000, CashPaddie charges you service rate of 6% and interest rate of 0.5% per month. The APR is 12%. The total amount needed to repay including everything at the end of the term will only be NGN21,500.

Note that this interest rate and loan duration is just an example, expect your actual loan and duration to be much lower. Borrowers with a good credit score (credit history) often receive the lowest interest rates.

What are Cashpaddie Loan Limits?

Currently, Cashpaddie only provides loans ranging from N1,000 to N50,000, with the most you can borrow being N50,000 and the least being N1,000.

As a new user, you cannot borrow more than N50,000. You must initially borrow and successfully return lesser loan amounts on time.

This manner, you can increase your credit limit and your ability to borrow higher sums.

How Do I Get A Loan From Cashpaddie as a Nigerian?

Borrowing money from Cashpaddie is very easy and can be done within 20 minutes, or even less! You can follow the steps below to get access to a loan.

Download the Cashpaddie Loan app from Google Play Store (there’s no Cashpaddie Loan app for iOS users at the time this post was published)

Create an account and fill out a simple form. Ensure that you provide your accurate details to avoid unnecessary delays in receiving your loan

Find out the amount of money you’re eligible to receive a loan and apply

Receive the money in your bank account in not more than 24 hours

Procedure for obtaining a Cashpaddie loan?

  • Launch the Branch loan app.
  • Select “My loan” from the menu.
  • Choose your loan amount and payment terms.
  • You can repay your loan on a weekly or monthly basis. Alternatively, you can pay back within two months.
  • To view the entire terms of your loan, click on “Loan information.” You will see the payment due date as mentioned in the loan terms.
  • Click on “See all charge information” to find out what your interest rate is.
  • After you’ve decided on the loan amount and terms, click “Request this loan.”
  • On the following page, you will be prompted to select the bank account into which you would like the loan to be deposited.
  • If you have a decent credit score, you will receive your loan within 24 hours.
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Process of Paying Off A Cashpaddie Loan?

To repay your loan with the Cashpaddie app, simply log into the Cashpaddie lending app.

  • Select “My loan” from the menu.
  • Tap the “Tap to Pay” button.
  • Enter the amount owed (the amount will depend on the loan terms you agreed to when applying for the loan).
  • You can return your loan with either your bank card or your ATM card.

Cashpaddie Loans Customer Service?

If you have any problems with loan repayment or receiving cash after approval, you may quickly contact Branch using the channels listed below.

Contact us at or message us on WhatsApp: +2347025129750

You may also contact them via the app by selecting Customer Care from the app’s menu.

What Happens If I Don’t Repay My Cashpaddie Loan?

Late payments or inability to repay loans can reduce your credit limit and prevent you from obtaining subsequent or larger loans. Cashpaddie may also report you to the National Credit Reference Bureau, preventing you from obtaining loans from other lenders.

Is Cashpaddie Loan Legit?

Yes! From our experience with Cashpaddie Loan, I can say that they do what they say. No hidden charges. You just need to ensure that you make your loan repayment once it’s due to avoid having issues with the credit bureau.

Is Cashpaddie Loan Scam?

No! We discovered that Cashpaddie is extremely safe to use while completing our Cashpaddie loan evaluation.

Final Verdict

If you’re seeking for a legitimate and reliable means to obtain loans of up to N500,000, you should download the Cashpaddie app. New users, on the other hand, may only obtain loans of up to N10,000.


At the moment, the Cashpaddie loan app is one of the top most-downloaded finance apps in Nigeria and widely used when compared with other lenders. The app takes care of loan needs with ease, allowing you to focus on growing your business and achieving your personal goals. In the process, it has reached more people, pulling them out of financial exclusion.

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