EaseMoni Loan App Review: How Do I Get Loan On EaseMoni, Is It Reliable And Recommended?

In today’s article, we at ms-legit are going to give accurate answers to all often asked questions about EaseMoni Loan App. Ensure to read this article carefully to the end.

In this EaseMoni loan app review, we at ms-legit are going to touch on various aspects of EaseMoni, which would enable you to make a perfect decision and also to know if this new making money app can be real or fake.

By the end of this article we at ms-legit is sure you must have arrived at the right place to enable you make a perfect decision on if EaseMoni app is legit, scam or safe for you as we assure you that every piece of information found in this article is authentic.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s get started with “What is EaseMoni Loan App” ?

Before we get started, please bear in mind that this EaseMoni app review would not actually verify it all. Probably, in the nearest future things would change and if anything happens out of plan, we at ms-legit won’t be held responsible for any reason.

What is EaseMoni Loan App ?

EaseMoni Loan App is an app designed to lend loans to people and support low and middle-income earners to meet urgent cash needs. EaseMoni loan is 100% online and no collateral required, you can apply at anytime or any day of the week. This app does not require any payments from you before getting loan from it, instead the computer AI collects and analyzes your data to determine how much loan you are qualified to get.

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This app also helps many people be you a business-minded, self-employed, and cooperates quick loans with up to N1m. They are absolutely reliable, flexible, no stress attached and easy with no risk.

EaseMoni is a new loan service that Opay announced on the 17th of May, 2021. Where you as active Opay customer can apply for loans according to their Terms.

But It’s quite unfortunate that the app which is EaseMoni Loan app is currently supports Nigerian only.

How does EaseMoni Loan App work ?

Download the app from play store then install it, register and apply for loan after providing the required informations. You need to have an Opay Account first (KYC Level 2) or you can provide your telephone number and Bank verification number (BVN).

Who is the owner and the co-workers of EaseMoni ?

Unfortunately, no information was found for now. But we will try our best to make more findings inorder to make the owner of EaseMoni Known to everyone.

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EaseMoni Interest Rate ?

The loan interest rate is from 5% to 10% Monthly and the annual interest rate will not exceed 120% of the loan. Although, it depends on the amount you are applying for which will be displayed clearly before your final confirmation of the EaseMoni Loan.

For instance, you wish to apply for 30 days which is a Month loan. Let’s assume you are applying for N10,000 the interest will be N1,020; the total due will be N11,020.

Probably, you have not applied for EaseMoni Loan before and you wish to apply if you are eligible, the first money repayment will be N900 or N1,000, so the repayment of other loan would be that N1,020.

Failure to pay on time, would lead to overdue fee that should be repaid after the repayment date.

How do I sign in or register on EaseMoni ?

Follow the steps below to register your EaseMoni account;

  • Firstly, go to play store and download the EaseMoni Loan App then install it.
  • Open the EaseMoni Loan App
  • Input your required details correctly, such as your phone number and a strong password that you can easily remember.
  • After signing up, you can login and apply for a loan.
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How do I sign in or login to my EaseMoni account ?

To login to your EaseMoni account, follow the steps below;

  • Open the EaseMoni Loan App and
  • Click on login, then you can proceed to any other things.

How do I apply for loan on Opay EaseMoni Loan ?

First, login to your app, click on apply, select the amount you wish to apply, you can apply for up to N20,000 once.

Provide your information correctly, such as your name, surname, middle name, last name, gender, date of birth and BVN then confirm.

EaseMoni Loan Apk Download ?

To download the EaseMoni loan apk, go to the play store and search for EaseMoni Loan App, when it appears, download and install it.

EaseMoni Customer Service ?

The EaseMoni customer care number is +234 9087614150

Email: info.easemoni@gmail.com

How to get EaseMoni higher amount ?

To be qualified for EaseMoni higher amount, you need to keep repaying loan before the due date to enable you get higher amount in EaseMoni loan. Failure to repay on time, will forfeit you from getting huh loan.

EaseMoni credit limit ?

Login to your EaseMoni account and check your credit line on the relevant pages. From the credit limit page, you will see Account >> Click EaseMoni and then click on the repay icon to settle the payment that’s all.

You can either make a partial payment or full payment.

Is EaseMoni Loan Legit or Scam ?

EaseMoni could be tagged as a legit loan app and not scam. However, many customers have testified receiving loans from them.

It’s very reliable and simple.

Conclusion on EaseMoni Loan Review

Thanks for stopping by to read this article to the end, we look forward in seeing you safe and guided.

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