How To Create a PalmPay Account

Through its mobile app, PalmPay, an e-wallet and online payment platform, provides customers with financial services. The features of PalmPay, their use, and how to make money are the focus of this article.

The ability for users to make money while using the mobile app is one of PalmPay’s great features. On PalmPay, rewards, bonuses, and cashback are ways to make money.

You can pay bills, recharge airtime, receive money into your account, send money to other users, and withdraw money to a bank account using PalmPay. You can always use the reward points you get after certain transactions.

The PalmPay app is available to both Android and iOS users in Nigeria. You’ll learn how to create a PalmPay account for yourself in this article you’re reading.


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Why do I use PalmPay?

The PalmPay mobile app comes with many benefits:

  • Low service charges during transactions.
  • Easy payment of bills and fast VTU services.
  • Guaranteed security and safekeeping of user information.
  • You can earn bonuses and rewards when you make transactions.
  • You earn money for each person you invite. You will receive the reward after the person creates an account with PalmPay. 
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How to Create/Open a PalmPay Account

1. Download the app

Download and Install the PalmPay app on your phone or tablet. Both the iOS Store and the Google Play Store have it for sale.

2. Launch app and sign up

Open the app, then select the Sign-up option. Enter your phone number after choosing your country code. Here, a verification code will be sent to your phone number.

3. Verify your phone number

Submit and wait for a verification code. Input the verification code sent to your phone number and wait for the next page to load.

4. Set up your pin

You will be required to set up a 4-digits pin. You will enter your preferred code and also confirm.

About PalmPay Referral

  • Open the PalmPay app on your mobile phone. 
  • Click on the “ME” button and tap on the invitation.
  • Click on “share“.
  • You can copy and paste the link to any social media and share it with friends. You can also share directly from the app.
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How do I make money on PalmPay

Apart from sending and receiving money on the PalmPay app, you can earn money through it. Explained below are 5 ways through which you can make money from the PalmPay app.

  1. Rewards on all transactions.
  2. Cash spree.
  3. Awoof Moni.
  4. Playing the lucky game.
  5. By joining PalmForce.

Is PalmPay Reliable to use?

It’s very safe to use PalmPay. Your deposits are with a secure and reputable company. PalmPay is owned and managed by Transsnet. Transsnet is a partnership venture between NetEase and Transsion Holdings.

It serves as an alternative to using your standard bank account when conducting straightforward transactions. When compared to the majority of conventional banks, its service fees are negligible. With PalmPay, you can also take advantage of Virtual Top Up services. You can safely send cash to friends and family within minutes.

Does PalmPay require BVN?

For the Tier 1 accounts, Palmpay does not require BVN. However, for the benefit of limitless transactions, All you need is your BVN and the phone number you have registered on your BVN. Once you upgrade to Tier 2, your daily transaction limit will be increased to N200,000 and your maximum wallet balance will be increased to N500,000.

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