How to Design a Website for your Business

In today’s world, most businesses if not all need a website for their business. Having read the Reasons you should create a website for your business, today we’ll be looking at how to create a website for your business.

I’ll be sharing with you the key suggestions for creating your website today. None of my listed option is completely free. As a business owner or individual looking for ways to build a website for his/her business, I’ll never advice you to use a free website building platform to avoid lost. Meaning your site can be deleted at any time without notice. Free website builder has a lot of disadvantages. As we all know the popular saying “free thing no day last” please permit me for using the pidgin, but that is it.

Creating a website for your business can be done in two ways. Hire a web designer to build your website for you or by DIY (do it yourself).


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Hire a professional web designer

You can hire a web developer to create your website for you. A web developer is an experienced personnel in designing and maintaining websites.

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Hiring a web developer is the recommended route to follow as they know best practices and latest technologies. Some of the reasons you should hire a web developer to design or create your website for you is that you can tap from his experience, get helpful tips and recommendations from the web developer on building your business online strategy.

You can contact us to develop your website for you.

Build the Website yourself

You may decide to design your website yourself. Before designing a website for yourself or your business, the first thing you need to know is your website name and also note that your website needs a space on the internet. That brings us to Domain name and Web hosting.

Domain Name

Domain Name is really important when starting your website. It is a unique address which visitors or customers will type on their browser to reach your website. Knowing the right domain name for your business is the first thing you should consider. Your Domain Name should relate to your business name.

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You can get a domain name from Domain name registrar , make payment which is yearly and proceed. You can get a cheap domain name from domainking.

Web Hosting

Web host is where your site is hosted on. It accommodates all your files and also determine the speed and performance of your website.

You can host a website yourself if you’re running a very big business, but we do rent for hosting space on the internet which is recommended.

How To Build your Website with CMS and Templates

There are tools like the popular Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. These tools offer a graphical user interface which makes it easy to design your website. Just drag and drop and you’ll have a website within minutes. The most popular CMS software is WordPress.

Website templates are like website skeletons just as the name “template” goes. They come with the layout of the website. So all required from you is to add your preferred images, logos and links you could have on your website.

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And if you have knowledge on web design, you can customize the template further to suit your taste.

CMS comes with a back end that makes it easy to add and update content on your website.

Building your website yourself without prior knowledge is not always easy. It takes your time and will distract you from your core business. One disadvantage of building your site with template is this, it can cause problems in the future when you decide to change your website look. Especially when you have no knowledge on programming or the likes of HTML and CSS.

Designing your business website yourself requires a lot of hard, so if you are following this path, ensure you are very brave enough.

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