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It is smart to read reviews about a platform, so you can know if the platform is paying its members as promised or if it is a complete waste of your money and time.

Also, in case you don’t know, is an online trading platform, so in order not to fall into the wrong hands it’s highly advisable to read this review to be safe.

DISCLAIMERWe are not in any way affiliated with Marketdraft, hence this review is based on honesty and broad insight.


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What is ? is an online trading platform which claims to make stocks and crypto currency trading more profitable by reducing the chances of their users losing money to the stock market, they teach stocks trading on their platform making it much more easier for their users to understand what stocks trading is all about.

According to its platform: MarketDraft is a stock market simulation platform designed to provide users with real-life stock market scenarios without the financial risks.

The MarketDraft platform provides stock market data and portfolio building education and experience which can be utilized to compete in MarketDraft sponsored or simulation fee based contests to win cash and prizes.

Contest are easy and educational. View the contest(s) in the lobby, pick a free, sponsored, or sim fee-based contest. Choose (7) stocks for your portfolio which you think will perform well from the list of available stocks.

Decide how to allocate your $10,000 fake money budget for those stocks. Submit picks and officially join the contest.

At the conclusion of each contest’s market day, the user(s) with the highest money balance in their portfolio are the winner(s). MarketDraft also offers after-hour contests, multi-day contests, private competitions for you and your friends, as well as stock market simulation tools. MarketDraft is a great way to learn about the market, test your stock picking skills, run private simulations, and have fun while competing for cash and prizes.

How does work ? is an online trading platform like previously stated which helps minimize users losses on their stocks and crypto trading.

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Anyone can join this platform from the United States, and you don’t have to wait to start earning just do
some free contest that doesn’t require a simulation fee to join.

How to make money on ?

To be qualified and start making money on, you must be a registered member on the platform. Marketdraft is a website developed alongside an app, which makes it easier to work from your smartphones.

Anyways, with the fast and easy registration of this platform, you should complete the sign up process within 2 mins. After that, if you like, you could fund your account, or you can do some free contest that doesn’t require a simulation fee to join.

You can as well check the marketdraft contest list on your home page, just choose the one that suits you and proceed. Remember, some of this marketdraft contest requires you to deposit real funds in order for you to get in. That’s a brief explanation of how marketdraft works.

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Who is the CEO or Founder of ?

Knowing the owner of any platform you wish to join is very important. Therefore, we have done many research to make sure the CEO of is made known to everyone. But unfortunately, we #ms-legit could not find the owner of as it doesn’t have an owner yet, all we know is that this platform is owned by anonymous.

When was launched ?

This is another important thing you should know before joining a platform. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the real date was launched due to the less informations found on their website. But we strongly believe that it was launched in 2021.

How do I Register on ?

  • CLICK HERE to be redirected to official sign up page.
  • Input your email address, username, password, first name, last name, address, city, state, zip code, country, date of birth,
  • and so on, after that tick on agreed terms and conditions then CONTINUE .
  • That’s all, make sure you check your email after creating an account with for verification.

How do I login to my Dashboard ?

To learn how to Login to follow this guide.

  • CLICK HERE to visit login page.
  • Input your email or username and password, and then click on SIGN IN.

That’s how to login to

How do I register someone on Referral ?

Share with your friends and watch your earnings grow. Another way to earn on this platform is by referring this to others. pays you a commission for every person who will join by clicking on your referral link.

To proceed to refer are as follows;

  • Login to your account dashboard and copy your referral link ( To grab your Referral link, click on the navigation menu => Profile favicon => Manage Referrals, then copy your Referral link. )
  • Logout and clear your browser data
  • Paste it or send to your friends via social media
  • Input their correct details, just as you registered yourself.
  • Click on the “sign up” button to finish the Registeration.
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Is legit?

We can conclude that the platform is legit because members have testified, which is why we recommend this platform to you all, so if you wish to start learning or trading on stocks is a good option.

Our research on this platform, as shown it to be very legitimate, however some certain people seemed to have cashed out from.

There is no online business without risk, so if you do decide to invest in this platform, make sure you do so with money you can afford to lose.

You can leave your reviews below in the comment section.

Is scam?

There have been no complaints of being scam. The platform is really paying its members. Withdrawal

Once you have earned enough cash on you can now withdraw your earnings through any of the available payment method. Such as follows;

  • PayPal
  • Zelle
  • Venmo
  • check.

Minimum withdrawal threshold on is $25 dollars.


We believe you found this our Review helpful and its content valuable regarding the activities on the website after reading it. We look forward in seeing you safe and guided. If you are already a registered member, let everyone here know more about it through the comment section below.

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