Ijobbers.net Review | Legit or Scam ? Check!

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What is Ijobbers.net ?

Ijobbers.net is an online earning platform that claims to its registered users for reading of article on their website and sharing of sponsored post. You can also earn by registering on their MLM scheme.

According to Ijobbers “ it’s a community of online digital earners with the sole purpose of generating wealth and passive income on the internet. Ijobbers was created to provide a source of income that would help its members get out of a financial rut and into the spotlight of financial freedom”.

Another way of earning on Ijobbers.net is by referring people to join the platform using your referral link and after a successful registration, you get rewarded with a commission depending on the package you subscribed to.

How Does Ijobbers.net Works ?

To register/join on Ijobbers.net you will have to select a package from the available packages on the platform, contact the coupon code vendor to purchase your coupon code, return back to the platform, proceed for registration.

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After a successfully registration, you can start earning on the platform by performing your daily task on the platform
which are: reading and commenting on articles and sharing of sponsored post.

Earning on Ijobbers.net solely depends on the package/plan you subscribe to which definitely means the higher the plan you subscribe to, the higher the commission/amount you earn on this platform.

How to make money on Ijobbers.net ?

By completing your daily tasks on the platform, such as reading and commenting on articles, you can begin earning on the platform after successfully registering.

You earn on Ijobbers.net only depending on the package/plan you subscribe to, which in turn means the more packages/
plans you subscribe to, the more commission/amount you earn.

Ijobbers.net available Packages ?

The following package are available on Ijobbers.net which you can select anyone of your choice

Workers Package | (Standard)

Registration Amount: ₦3,000
Referral bonus: ₦1500
Welcome bonus: ₦1500
Daily airdrop: every 7 hours: N220 daily
Daily viral post: N150 daily
Tasks: Uploading memes, adverts, short video
skits, music files, articles any of this activity

Masters Package |(Premium)

Registration Amount: ₦5,000
Referral bonus: N2500
Welcome bonus: N2500
Daily air drop: every 6hours | N320 daily
Daily viral posts: N200 daily
Tasks: Uploading memes, short video skits, music files, articles, adverts and blogs, any of these activities.

Who is the CEO or Founder of Ijobbers.net ?

Knowing the owner of any platform you wish to join is very important. Therefore, we have done many research to make sure the CEO of Ijobbers.net is made known to everyone. But unfortunately, we #ms-legit could not find the CEO of Ijobbers.net as it was not shown on their official website.

When was Ijobbers.net launched ?

This is another important thing you should know before joining a platform. But Ijobbers.net doesn’t have a launching date because no information was found on their website.

How do i Sign Up or Register on Ijobbers.net ?

To learn how to Sign up or Register on Ijobbers.net follow this guide.

  1. CLICK HERE to be redirected to Ijobbers.net official sign up page.
  2. Input your details correctly, the activation code and select your preferred package, then click on Sign Up Now.
  3. That’s all, make sure you check your email after creating an account with Ijobbers.net for verification.
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How do I sign in or login to my Ijobbers.net dashboard ?

To learn how to Login in Ijobbers.net follow this guide.

  1. CLICK HERE to visit Ijobbers.net login page.
  2. Email address and password, and then click on login.

That’s how to login to Ijobbers.net.

How do I register someone on Ijobbers.net ?

Ijobbers.net reward users commission for inviting friends and family to join their platform.

Referring/inviting people to join Ijobbers.net, is another impressive way of making money from Ijobbers.net. When
you refer/invite anyone to join the platform using your referral link and receive an activation/coupon code from any of the vendor, you will receive 50% of each of your referral earning.

To attract more audience, promote the Ijobbers.net banners on your social media sites to generate more referrals.

To process to refer are as follows;

  1. Login to your account dashboard and copy your referral link ( it can be found on your account dashboard )
  2. Logout and clear your browser data
  3. Paste it or send to your friends through on social media
  4. Input their correct details, just as you registered yourself.
  5. Click on the “SIGN UP” button to finish the Registeration.

What is IJobbers MLM ?

Ijobber’s MLM multilevel earning scheme is something to look forward to. Unlike other platforms, you can register for N2000, finish a cycle/stage, and receive 15000 naira.

How Does IJobbers MLM Works?

  1. Form a team or, better yet, a group on social media, such as Whatsapp, and invite people to join.
  2. Inform them about Ijobber’s MLM multilevel earning opportunity.
  3. Sign up for MLM and become the leader of your team or group.
  4. Obtain your affiliate link
  5. Get just two people from your team to sign up under you, and your cycle will start.
  6. encourage your A and B downlines to each bring two people to the party. Congratulations, your cycle is complete, and you can cash out your 15k.
  7. You have the option to withdraw.
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What is Ijobbers.net Airdrop?

Ijobbers Airdrop is an earning method mined by their airdrop engine that is realized while earning on Ijobber’s which is
usually called jobbers coin.

How Does Ijobbers.net Airdrop Works?

Ijobbers airdrop is earned every 6 hours for the 3k packages and every 7 hours for the 5k packages on Ijobber’s. You earn our airdrop daily by loading your airdrops and earning your cash for the day by clicking on the airdrop engine.

Ijobbers.net Withdrawal ?

All earnings for non-referral are paid directly into your bank account daily once you reach the minimum withdrawal point
every 28 days. Affiliate bonus are paid every day with a minimum withdrawal of N3500.

How to Renew Ijobbers.net Account?

After settlement, you only need to renew your account with 50% of your registration money, which means that for the 3k package, you only need to renew your account with 1500 naira.

While for the 5k package you renew your account with N2500 after settlement

As the upline, you get a 10% bonus every time your downline renews their account.

  • Workers package renewal: N1500
  • Masters package renewal: N2500

Is Ijobbers.net Legit?

Yes, Ijobbers.net is currently verified as a legit platform.

The platform is currently paying its registered members as promised but the big question here is How long will the
payment continue? This is a very big question that actuallyneeds an answer.

Most platform usually act faithful at its newly stage but turned out to be scam. I think it will be better you join the train now the platform is paying to enjoy this opportunity.

Is Ijobbers.net Scam?

Currently, Ijobbers.net is not a scam platform . They are paying their registered members as at the time of publishing
this article.

All I will advise all already and those intending to join Ijobbers.net is, make sure you invest what you can afford to lose in case of any misfortune tomorrow.


Several platforms came out like this, and guess what? They didn’t last long! In my opinion, I’ll advice you to be careful about platform like this that has less information on their website, no owner and more.

The best way to earn from this platform is through referrals, because that won’t involve you in any risk.


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