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Hi, online hustlers, you are welcome back again to another legit making money guide. We all know that Christmas is quick approaching. Many people are going extra miles to make sure they make more money especially through the internet but it’s quite unfortunate that the internet is surrounding by Scam.

Therefore, it’s advisable to make proper findings on any platform you wish to join before taking final decision. That’s why we at ms-legit are always here to guide you thoroughly on online income programs.

Today, we will consider another online income program called “”. This platform happens to be the most talked about platform because it’s a recently launched platform. Probably, you wish to join but don’t really know how to get started or you are hearing this for the first time?. You are lucky because you are at the right place, all you are eexpected is take ample of your time go through this article to the end. Ensure you skip no sentence because the content of each of the sentences is authentic.

Be rest assured that all your frequently asked questions will be answered to your satisfaction. Keep reading!

What is ? is an e-commerce platform that was launched recently claiming to pay its members for carrying out some simple tasks on their website such as making orders and also for referring friends to join the platform.

As a newly registered member on, you will be rewarded a welcome bonus of N1,000 which you are only allowed to use to make the maximum of 15 orders daily in order to earn N10 per order. You could probably wish to earn more money for each order you make, then you will need to upgrade to a higher plan by investing.

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According to the website “Boldgains” e-commerce is a company that thrives on global innovation of beauty, health, and wellness products through wealth transfer and empowerment.

Their headquarters in Dubai, the company is claim to make a different in the world. Before now boldgains had already existed as a network marketing but they just want to venture into e-commerce platform because they realized not every body can actually be a marketer and they want passive incomes for all.

There is a compensation plan that is second to none, everyone that joins the company must enjoy good money by clicking just on orders and also will be allowed to make more money by inviting others to join.

How does work? platform is very similar to other platforms like Norderworks,, Ebaysir and so on that claim to pay its members for performing daily tasks on their website and also making money in the process.

How do I make money on ? made it compulsory that for any online user to earn money on their platform must be a registered member as their registeration is free. Then you can start making money by completing the tasks on their website depending on the plan you are as there are two plans to upgrade to and also inviting your friends and families to join through your referral link.

N1,000 registeration bonus rewarded to you after registeration will be used only to complete tasks on the platform and you allowed to complete the maximum of 10 tasks daily.

Available plans on ?

There are only two plans available on each with different varieties as listed below;

  1. Business class plans:

Level 1

Subscription fee – N1,000

Total daily orders – 15

Daily earnings – N10

Level 2

Subscription fee – N3,000

Total daily orders – 10

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Daily earnings – N30

Level 3

Subscription fee – N5,000

Total daily orders – 7

Daily earnings – N50

Level 4

Subscription fee – N10,000

Total daily orders – 7

Daily earnings – N100

Level 5

Subscription fee – N20,000

Total daily orders – 7

Daily earnings – N300

Level 6

Subscription fee – N30,000

Total daily orders – 7

Daily earnings – N400

  1. VIP Plans:


Subscription fee – N50,000

Total daily orders – 7

Daily earnings – N700


Subscription fee – N100,000

Total daily orders – 5

Daily earnings – N1400


Subscription fee – N200,000

Total daily orders – 5

Daily earnings – N2,000


Subscription fee – N500,000

Total daily orders – 5

Daily earnings – N5,000


Subscription fee – N1,000,000

Total daily orders – 5

Daily earnings – N10,000

Who is the CEO or Founder of ?

We have carried out findings to make sure the owner of is made known in this article for the benefit of our readers but it’s quite unfortunate that we could not succeed our tasks due to for some reasons better know by the owner of the website to keep his or her identity secret from the website.

Investing money on such website without CEO is highly at risk. Probably, the website eventually crash nobody to be held responsible for your money. Always invest what you can afford to loose.

When was launched ?

According to our findings on their website, we discovered that was officially launched on the 9th of October, 2021. Which marks the platform to be new as of the day of writing this article. But that doesn’t mean it’s 100% legit.

How do I sign up or register on ? registeration process is quite easy. Follow the steps below;

  1. To get started visit their official website at
  2. Tab on the navigation key and click on the Registeration page
  3. Input your details correctly, such as your full name, email address, username, your bank account number, bank name and a strong password that you can easily remember
  4. Click on the “sign up” button to finish your registration.
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How do I register someone on ? claims to reward its members a certain commission for each prospect they invite to the platform.

Probably, you must not want to loose your referral bonus when registering your prospect. To get your referral commission, follow the steps below;

  1. Login to your account dashboard and copy your referral link ( it can be found on your account dashboard )
  2. Logout and clear your browser data
  3. Paste it or send to your friends through on social media
  4. Input their correct details, just as you registered yourself.
  5. Click on the “sign up” button to finish the Registeration.

Boom! You will receive your referral commission immediately after registeration.

How do I sign in or login to my account dashboard ?

To login to your account dashboard, follow the steps below;

  1. To login visit their official website at
  2. Tab on the navigation key and click on the login page
  3. Input your username and password
  4. Click on the “login” button

Is legit ? is just a newly launched platform, and so far there has not been any bad report from registered members, but there is no guarantee of payment yet as of time of writing this article. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and watch how it goes.

Probably, you wish to invest, ensure to invest with money you really know you can afford to lose, as things always happen the other way around.

But if you are a registered member already, you can share with us you through the comment section below.

Is scam ?

As the platform is still new, it can’t be tagged as scam yet as of the time of writing this article. Although such platforms seem to be scam as you need to invest on their website before getting paid. It’s not advisable.

How do I withdraw my money on ?

Once you have reached a certain minimum threshold. Login to your account dashboard and follow the steps below;

  1. Click on the navigation key and select “profile”
  2. Click on “bank details”
  3. Input your bank account details correctly
  4. Then click on withdraw my fund directly to your local bank account.

Conclusion on

Thanks for stopping by to read this article to the end, we look forward in seeing you safe and guided.

Remember to drop your questions below. Thanks one again, please share.

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