Miscochat.com Review: Fake or Real ? Find out the truth!!

Hi, online hustlers, you are welcome back to another making money guide. In this modern world, people always do research on any income platform before proceeding for registeration due to the way fraudsters are using this means of creating websites to scam people.
Today we brought to you another legit making money Review which would be on miscochat. Many people have been asking for miscochat review, If you are one of them and you find yourself here, consider yourself lucky because everything about miscochat will be made known to you.

Firstly, let know what this miscochat is all about, how it works and all the necessary things you suppose to know.

What is miscochat.com ?

Miscochat is a Multi-purpose platform owned by a team of well experienced entrepreneur, with the motive of connecting people together through their social media and again letting people get across to information via their media channel thereby creating employment opportunities for its users in this means by generating revenue from advertisement industries and bodies. The above information is authentic because it was written exactly from their website.

They claim to pay its users for carrying out some simple tasks on their website.

How does miscochat.com work ?

Miscochat claims to provide people with opportunity to take advantage of the internet and make passive income online.
No skills needed, no stress attached. At the comfort of your home with just your smart phone or laptop, you are all set.

How do I make money on miscochat.com ?

Probably, you should have wondered how Bloggers in Nigeria make Millions of Naira every almost every month. It’s quite easy! Google and many other adverts Companies pay Bloggers to place adverts on their blogs or websites and the bloggers get paid once people like you visit their website and click on those adverts.

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What this means is that, bloggers make money when people visit their blog or website! Actually, the more you visit their website, the more money they make.

Definitely, you might be asking yourself questions like, “why do bloggers take all the money alone for themselves without even giving a Kobo to the people (visitors) who help them in making the money”?

However, miscochat claims to be difference, they also designed a system that allows you (either a member or non member of their platform) share our Revenue with them every Saturday. You could be making up to N50,000 every week, when you become a registered member according to the website.

Actually, we all know that since it costs money to be online for instance, you need things like data, time, energy, mobile phone or laptop, although you have these things because we are always on social media. So you should also be making passive income while online.

With miscochat.com, you can make money in many ways such as, sharing of Sponsored post, inviting people to the platform and many more. Below is a breakdown on how to make money with miscochat.com

  • Registeration bonus: Once you have completed your registration process, you will automatically receive a welcome bonus of N1200 instantly.
  • Daily login: when you login to your account dashboard for the first time of the day, you will earn N200
  • Whatsapp Status: Each trend you share on your WhatsApp status from their website, you will be given N20.
  • Sponsored post: N200 will be given to you instantly, when you share their sponsored post on your Facebook timeline.
  • Reading news: when you read a news on their website, N10 will be added to your earnings automatically.
  • Sharing of news: Each news you share on your WhatsApp status, you will earn N20
  • Comment: N20 will be added to your earnings automatically, once you make a comment on any post on the website.
  • Referral: Each prospect you bring to the platform through your referral link, you will have a commission of N1,400.

How much is the registration fee on miscochat.com ?

For you to be a member of Miscochat, you must register with a one time registration fee of N2,000.

How do I share sponsored post on miscochat.com ?

For your proper guidance on how to share sponsored post on miscochat without mistakes, followthesteps below;

  1. Login to your account dashboard, tab on the navigation key and select sponsored post
  2. Click on the sponsored post for the day, eg. Sponsored post for 2nd October, 2021
  3. Copy the text in the post and download the image (if any)
  4. Paste it on your Facebook timeline and post with the image
  5. Go back to the website and make a comment to claim your earning.
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Note: make sure the sponsored post’s date correspond with the date of the day you are posting and your post is being posted as public in order to get paid on payment day because your Facebook timeline will be verified before payment.

Do I get paid without sharing the sponsored post on miscochat.com ?

No! Sharing of Sponsored post is mandatory. Sponsored post must be shared before getting paid.

Who can be a member of miscochat.com ?

Fortunately, Miscochat is a type of platform that accepts membership from anywhere in the world. So, anyone can be a member of miscochat.com, once you have a smartphone, laptop, tablet or any means of device that has access to the internet to enable you perform your daily tasks in order to start making money.

Do I get paid without referral on miscochat.com ?

Yes! Miscochat claims to pay its users with or without referral. Referral is not mandatory.

How do I register on miscochat.com ?

For your proper guidance on how to register on miscochat.com, follow the steps below;

  • Visit their official website at www.miscochat.com
  • Tab on the navigation key and click on ‘Get coupon’
  • Contact any of the coupon code vendors and make payment to get your coupon code.
  • After you have purchased the coupon code, go back to the website and click on the REGISTER button
  • Click on the “add to cart” button
Add to cart
  • Input the coupon code you purchased.
input coupon code and apply
  • Fill in your details correctly and provide a strong password that you can easily remember
fill in your details
  • Click on the “place order” button.
Place order
  • Your account will be activated in a short while.

How do I register someone on miscochat.com ?

To register your prospects without mistakes and get your bonus, follow the guides below;

  1. Go to your account dashboard and copy your referral link
  2. Send to your friends or clear your browser data and paste it (if you are to register your prospect)
  3. Purchase a coupon code, then fill in your prospect’s details just as you registered yourself
  4. Place your order and wait for account to be activated. Once account is activated, you will receive N1,400 immediately.
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How do I login to my account?

  • Visit their office website
  • Input your details correctly
  • Click on the login button

Who is the CEO or Founder of miscochat.com ?

Many people will be so desperate to know the owner of miscochat.com as it’s very necessary to know the owner of any platform you wish to join just for in case.

Fortunately, we at ms-legit have gone through their website making findings of the CEO or the Founder but to our success, we found out that a man called “Mr. Ebubechukwu okoli” happens to be the CEO of miscochat.com. If you wish to know more, visit their website and contact him.

When was miscochat.com launched?

According to our findings based on what we saw on their website. We discovered that miscochat.com was launched or published on the 18th of March, 2021.

How do I withdraw my money on miscochat.com ?

Withdrawal on miscochat is quite easy for both referral and non referral earners

Referral earners
Withdrawal is made weekly, once you have reached the minimum amount to withdraw which is N4,200 and no extra charges attached. This means you have to invite at least 3 people to the platform through your referral link.

Non referral earners
Withdrawal is made Monthly with the minimum amount of 15,000 activity earning.
Withdrawal form comes out on the 15th of every Month by 1:00pm.

How to withdraw
Go to your account dashboard and click on withdrawal, input your bank details correctly then submit. Payment will be made within 24 hours.

Is miscochat.com legit ?

Yes! Miscochat can be regarded as legit due to the smile they have been putting on their member’s faces. No bad report yet from registered members. Although, according to the website miscochat is full registered under C.A.C and EFCC Nigeria. Below is a proof, so you have nothing to worry about.

certificate of registration

Is miscochat.com a scam ?

No! Miscochat is not a scam as of time of writing this article. However, its features seem to be interested and members are testifying of payment. Although, the identity of the CEO is hidden but payments are being paid to members accordingly. Below are screenshots of payment proof.

Alet of payment proof

Summary of miscochat.com ?

Note: As of time of writing this article, miscochat.com is still legit and paying platform.
You are advised to take part of this moving train as soon as you get this article before the train stop because nothing last forever.

Conclusion on miscochat.com

Thanks to you all for reading this article to the end. We at ms-legit are looking forward in seeing you safe and guided. Feel free to make your comment before leaving this page and if you are a registered member of miscochat, share with us your experience about the platform. Subscribe to this blog or CLICK HERE to join our WhatsApp group for more updates as they come.


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