earning platform review (Is Goldmine Fake or Real ?) Find out now!

You might have been hearing about, where users are being rewarded for carrying out some tasks Daily. Here is a review of the Goldmine Earning Platform. Is it fake or a real? Read the article.

When someone asked me about making money online, I used to say it’s hard. Do you know why? Many platforms break people’s trust by refusing to pay what they claim.

Some people often stop doing anything related to money making online because they think all platforms are scams.

And that’s not true. If you know your way, you will hardly fall victim to being scammed.

“How do I know my way?” The question you probably want to ask me, right? I preserve its answer.

You already know your way since you are looking for a review of site before participating in their activities.

We consider anyone reading this content as someone who is interested in participating in Goldmine. That is why we will consider revealing how it works before telling you whether the Goldmine Earning Platform is real or a fake.

DISCLAIMER: We are not in any way affiliated with Goldmine, hence this review is based on honesty and broad insight.

Lets get started properly…

What is Goldmine ?

Goldmine is a newly launched platform that will allow you to make money from performing tasks like sharing sponsored posts, daily mining bonus.

You can also make money from referring/inviting your friends to register on the platform, as well as earning via compensation plans/contests.

Goldmine services was innovated by an experienced monetization expert in a bid to equip her members financially with affiliate skills.

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When a member signs up on Goldmine, he/she has access to 4 ways of earning, which can be accessible via one-time registration fee of 3,000 naira.

How does Goldmine work ?

To get started on Goldmine, you will need to register with N3,000, and you will get a welcome bonus of N1500, as well as 500mb data.

You can begin earning by mining daily for a 200 naira bonus, and also by sharing sponsored posts daily for 100 naira bonus.

You can also make money from referring/inviting your friends to register on the platform, as well as earning via compensation plans/contests.

How do I make money on Goldmine ?

To be qualified of making money on Goldmine, you must be a registered member by paying a one time payment fee of N3000.

We know that it costs money to be online because you have to buy date, you will spend time, your energy needed to perform tasks, and you must have an internet enabled device.

Actually, we have all these but we are wasting them online by using it on social media only which will give us no money. You should try to be making some cash online too!

Goldmine is here to help you double your hustle online. You can make money on Goldmine in four (4) ways.

Below is a breakdown of how to earn on Goldmine;

  • Registeration bonus: Once you have finished signing up on newsnolly, you are qualified to claim this offer of N1500 and 500MB as welcome or registeration bonus.
  • Daily mining: Members will earn N200 for mining with just a click of a button. And N100 for sharing sponsored post. It’s also worth noting that you can’t earn more than N300 daily.
  • Referral bonus: This is one of the most wonderful ways of making money with Goldmine. You will earn N2000 for anyone that joins through your link.
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That’s not all. You will also be rewarded with N200 when your referral refers someone else.

  • Indirect affiliates & compensation plans/contests

Indirect affiliates: This means you can earn when someone you registered on Goldmine directly with your referral link registers another person which can be their friend or family.

You get another whooping sum of 200 naira unlimitedly as long as they keep referring.

compensation plans/contests: This means you can get compensated with lots of amazing prizes ranging from cash, iphones, samsungs, sound bars, air condition, pressing iron, TVs and so on, due to your participation/contribution in the massive growth of the platform.

Registeration fee on Goldmine ?

You are required to offer a token of N3000 only for a life time payment (No expiry date).

How do I sign up or register on Goldmine ?

Registeration on Goldmine is quite easy to carry out. Follow the guide below to get started;

  • Visit their official website at
  • Tab on the navigation key and select “Get coupon”
  • Contact any of the verified coupon code vendors on the website to purchase your coupon code or you can CLICK HERE to see the full list of verified coupon code vendors
  • Click on the registeration page
  • Fill in the form correctly with your details as required
  • Insert the coupon code you have purchased and provide a strong password that you can easily remember
  • Click on the “Registeration button” to finish your registration process.

Wait for your account to be activated in a short while.

How do I sign in or login on my Goldmine account dashboard ?

Follow the steps below;

  • Go to their official website at
  • Tab on the navigation key and select login
  • Input your either your email or username and password
  • Click on the login button.

How do I register someone on Goldmine ?

Registering someone on Goldmine gives you a certain amount of money as your commission for each person you register. Probably, you need to claim this offer too, follow the steps below to register your prospects without mistakes.

  • Go to your account dashboard and copy your referral link
  • Send to your friends or clear your browser data and paste it (if you are to register your prospect)
  • Purchase a coupon code, then fill in your prospect’s details just as you registered yourself
  • Click on the registration button and wait for account to be activated. Once account is activated, you will receive N2000 immediately.
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Who is the CEO or Founder of Goldmine ?

The owner of Goldmine is not yet known. We at #ms-legit have gone through your website making findings of the owner but nothing was found on their website.

When was Goldmine Launched ?

This is another information that is hidden from their website. Nobody knows when the Goldmine was launched. Since it is a very new platform, we strongly believe it only launched in 2022.

Goldmine App or apk download

The Goldmine app is available on the Goldmine platform. You can easily download the chain mine apk for your mobile phone.

Is Goldmine Legit ?

As of time of writing this article, It has not been verified if Goldmine is legit because we have not seen any payment proof neither have we heard of any fraudulent act from this platform.

Goldmine is a very new platform, it only launched in 2022, it is far too early to determine if it is legit or scam.

There is no online business without risk, so if you do decide to invest in this platform, make sure you do so with money you can afford to lose.

Is Goldmine a scam ?

Not Sure!

There have been no complaints of Goldmine being scam. If you have anything to say about this platform, you can leave them below in the comment section.

Goldmine withdrawals

Non-referral users can cash out twice monthly, 15th & 30th a minimum of 12,000 naira must be earned, payment can be in USDT or naira.

Referral cash out is any day with a minimum of 6,000 naira of payment can be received in USDT or naira.

Conclusion on Goldmine Review

Thank you for stopping by to read goldmine review. If you have any question or comment, you can leave it in the comment section below.

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