Types Of Insurance Coverage – 10 Benefits For Policy Holders

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In this video we will be talking about types of insurance coverage.

Lots of people don’ know that there are different type of insurance coverage they can subscribe to.

Some thinks it’s only auto, life or health insurance that is available in the insurance company.

But in this post, I will be providing with all the major type of insurance coverage you need to know about as individual or policy holder.

And by the end of this post, you will get to know the types of insurance coverage that you’ve never taught of before.

But before we get into that section, lets define the term type of insurance coverage.

What is a type of insurance coverage?

This can be defined as the total amount of risk that is covered by insurance company for an individual or association.

The insurance simply entails property, assets or things given to an insurance firm for coverage over some certain amount of agreement.

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So every insurance policy works alongside with the type of coverage subscribes to.

Types of insurance coverage

Here, I will be listing all the type insurance coverage you need to know about as an individual or policy holder so as to have little understanding on them.

In no time, let’s begin.

The types of insurance coverage are:

  1. Car insurance
  2. Health insurance
  3. Home insurance
  4. Life insurance
  5. Property insurance
  6. Umbrella insurance
  7. Whole life insurance
  8. Flood insurance.
  9. Casualty insurance
  10. Renters’ insurance
  11. Professional liability insurance
  12. Travel insurance
  13. Business interruption insurance
  14. Term life insurance
  15. Disability insurance
  16. Universal life insurance
  17. Critical illness insurance
  18. Marine insurance
  19. Fire insurance
  20. Motor insurance

That’s all.

These are all the type of insurance coverage we have now.

In the future more insurance can be created for an entire different purpose.

Let’s move on to the other section.

What are the 3 main types of insurance coverage?

Lots of people or insurance holder have been eager to know the three main type insurance coverage so as to put more attention to them.

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If you are part of this set of people, then you don’t need to worry anymore because I will be providing them in this section.

Now, the 3 main types of insurance coverage are;

  1. Life insurance
  2. Health insurance
  3. Home insurance

These are the three main and most important type of insurance coverage recommended by us.

The reason why we stated those three as the main three type of insurance coverage are as follows.


Life, health and home are one of the basic things man needs to protect because it made use of everyday.

1. Home insurance

Without a standard home, the family can be exposed to some certain type of dangers that can take their life or loses their important assets.

2. Health Insurance

There is a popular saying which states that “Health is wealth”.

With this, the health needs to be very secured and protected in order to prevent the individual from premature (Untimely) death.

3. Life insurance

Anybody can die anytime without he/she been aware of it.

So with this, it’s very important to prepare before the time comes in order to protect the future of his/her family.

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That’s it.

Moving on to the next section of this article.

Type of insurance companies

In this section, I will be highlighting the various type of insurance company you need to know about.

This insurance company are;

  1. Alien insurance company
  2. Lloyds of London
  3. Mutual insurance company
  4. Domestic insurance company
  5. Stock company
  6. Captive insurance company
  7. Excess line
  8. Direct sellers
  9. Standard line

These are the type of insurance companies you need to know about.

Now let’s talk about some merit of insurance.

10 benefit of insurance

In this last section, I will be listing out the 10 benefits of insurance which will give positive thinking about all insurance coverage.

This merits are:

  1. Saves business from crashing
  2. Provision of security
  3. Reduction of risk
  4. Improves saving habits
  5. Acts of source of income
  6. Provision of employment
  7. Retains standard of living
  8. Decreases dependency
  9. Improves foreign and international trades
  10. Aids in economic development

These are the 10 benefits of insurance you need to have knowledge about.


The other types of insurance coverage are not as taken seriously than the three or four main type of insurance company.

I hope this video provide with the required information on that has to do with the types of insurance coverage and it related topic.

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