Insurance can pay your car maintenance

There is a saying that goes ‘a car is a necessity, not a luxury’, and there is another that says ‘a car is a luxury when you invest in it’.

Whatever angle you may view it from, a car can be both a necessity and a luxury.

Still, overall, it is a valuable property, and quite a lot of a person’s finances can go into the purchase of a car.

Just like any other valuable property, you would like to keep it in great shape, and to be frank, car maintenance can be very taxing on the purse. A lot can happen to your car on the roads, most of it unexpected, and then you are left with more draining expenses.

Not to worry, though. This article shows how you can keep your car in great shape with insurance. 

Insurance: your guide and protector

By now, you know insurance provides cover and compensation for you if anything wrong happens. In this case, auto insurance or car insurance is an insurance policy that protects you from the mishaps that could occur to your car or vehicle.

Depending on the particular insurance coverage you pick, if something terrible happens to your vehicle, you could either be covered for the expenses on repair, or even have the entire vehicle replaced. That’s how insurance works, and also why you need car insurance. However, some bad things may happen to your car that just may be out of anyone’s repair. To avoid this, you need to take care of your car regularly.

How can insurance help you maintain your car?

Here are handy car insurance tips to help keep your vehicle in great shape.

  1. Keep Your Fluids Clean: one essential tip is to ensure that your car fluids are all clean, as well as sufficient. Your engine oil, radiator fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid and any other fluids help to make running your vehicle a smooth affair. You should not neglect them.
  2. Keep Your Car Manual: a car manual is like a guide; a blueprint. It contains so much information that you might find very handy sometime soon. Knowledge is power, ad so you should not discard your manual because it contains all the information you would need. Knowing your way around your vehicle would help you avoid unnecessary costs or extortion.
  3. Have a Maintenance Schedule: have a schedule where particular items in your car are to be serviced or replaced. A lot of the unfortunate events that happen with vehicles comes from a lack of maintenance. A maintenance schedule helps to point out what is wrong in time before it becomes too severe.
  4. Routinely check on your tires: tires can be easily overlooked, and you probably only remember them when they are worn out or need patching. However, the state of your tires can determine just how well your car can fare. So it is crucial to check on them regularly, especially the tire pressure.
  5. Replace your Windshield Wiper: visibility is one of the essential parts of driving. If you cannot see the roads, then you cannot get anywhere safely. This is why you should take it very seriously. The best way to do this is to change your windshield wipers from time to time.
  6. Wash Often: cleanliness is a culture that should apply to just the human body, as having a clean vehicle goes a long way. Not only is it the right image, but you also save more on bodywork and paint job expenses if your vehicle is a clean one.
  7. Handle any motor issues immediately: you must pay serious attention to issues that you notice. Don’t put them off till later, or they could get worse.
  8. Always monitor your Dashboard: keeping an eye on your dashboard helps you track all that is happening with your car. If you pay attention to your dashboard, you can get ahead of any issues.


It is unavoidable to spend on your vehicle even after you have purchased it. However, a lot of costs are cheaper when it is well maintained. With a proper maintenance culture, you spend more time with your vehicle better than your mechanic would.

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