NowCash Loan App Review: Legit or Fake, How to Loan Money ?

Welcome back everyone to another legit reviews, we would be considering about this intriguing app which is the Nowcash app. This app has helped many people in Nigeria.

It’s quite unfortunate that the app which is cash Loan app is currently supports Nigerian only.

In today’s article, we are going to give accurate answers to all frequently asked questions about

By the end of this article we at ms-legit is sure you must have arrived on the right track to make a perfect decisions on if Nowcash app is legit, fake or scam, as we assure every piece of information provided in this article is authentic.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s quickly get started with Nowcash Loan app review.

But before we get started properly, bear in mind that in this NowCash app review, we are going to touch on various aspects of, which would enable you to know wether this new making money website is trustworthy or fraudulent.

What is NowCash app ?

There are two apps that sounds similar which are NowCash app and Cash now app. NowCash is quite different from Cash now app which is a UAE-based loan app. So don’t get mistaken NowCash for Cash now. Now cash is a personal loan in Nigeria which claim to offer loans through its mobile app without queueing for long, no too much of time needed, no guarantors neither collateral needed. All you are required is just a smartphone.

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How does NowCash app work ?

You need to download the app from play store which is free for download now on Google play store, then install the Now cash app easy application process. Register with your correct details as required and login, apply for money loans according to the amount you wish to be loaned. The details you need to provide are your bank details and your personal details then submit an application and wait for approval for review that’s all. Then the amount you wish to be loaned would be credited to your bank account in less than 30 minutes after approval.

Who is the owner of NowCash App ?

Unfortunately, we at ms-legit are yet to know the owner of NowCash App, although we have carried out many research concerning this but no legit information was found.

Requirements needed on NowCash to be granted loan

As NowCash app is only supported in Nigeria, You must be a Nigerian, Have a personal bank account details then register and wait for approval, for now that’s all.

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How to apply for loan on NowCash ?

To get started, you need to download the app first and install it on your phone then submit all necessary information to verify loan eligiblity. Once you have successfully submitted your informations, also submit an available loan application then patiently wait for review.

How do I sign up or register on NowCash app ?

To get started, follow the guides below;

  • CLICK HERE to be redirected to NowCash App on play store
  • Provide your phone number, make sure you verify it. That’s all.

How to sign in or login to my NowCash App Account

To get started, follow the steps below;

  • Go to your phone menu and locate NowCash App
  • Input your registered phone number and verify it then.

How do I register someone on NowCash App ?

To register someone on NowCash app through your account, First of all login to your account copy your unique referral link then share with your prospects or you can add your prospects to Target offline.
Then, secondly, Track process these simply means that NowCash will help you record your referee’s activities for you to enable you notice when they login and invest, then earn reward but you and your prospect earn reward on the now cash app.

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NowCash Loan customer service ?

NowCash customer service

This is NowCash loan customer service. No email neither phone number was found and not sure if they have any as they should have been written above.

NowCash App Loan Interest Rate ?

The Interest rate on NowCash App Loan is about 12% to 18% APR, loan amount is up to N300,000 with loan term of 91 to 360 days

How to download NowCash App ?

To download Nowcash loan on your smart phone, go to the play store, then search for Nowcash loan app.

Once the nowcash app is appeared, download and install it. Very simple.

Is NowCash App Legit or Scam ?

NowCash App could be tagged as legit and not scam, because no bad report yet from registered members and it seems to be safe, confidential, reliable, efficient app with low-interest rate.

Conclusion on NowCash App Loan

Thank you very much for spending much of your time in reading this article till the end. That’s all for the Nowcash loan app review, if there is more you wish to add to this review, feel free to make use of the comment section below.

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