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Obviously, these days to make cool money online is extremely hard especially in “Nigeria” due to the incalculable online income scamming platforms that are being launched almost every day. Some of these online platforms are good for the beginning just to lure people to believe them then after a while they fold up, while many of them are just there to scam people because their motive behind the creation of their website is to scam its users. They will give you many takes to perform daily, then when the time of payment comes they will start giving you excuses which will eventually ends up the website being shut down and you will definitely gain absolute nothing.
The above reasons came to our notice which made us to have the intention of reviewing websites, at least it would be of help to many people who always visit our website to read about any website they wish to sign up before taking final decision, always remember that your safety remains our priority. Let continue deeply about what we are here for, keep reading. is another online income program that claims to offer its members many ways to make money online. Many people are seeing or hearing about this platform on social media such as Facebook and they are willing to sign up due to the way probably, one of the registered member could have explained to him/her. But one thing you should know is that some people who are into any online program that only pay when you have a referral. They might likely lie to you to join the platform just for their benefit for having referral and won’t tell you the bad side of the platform. So if you are about to sign up on this platform ( and you are here reading this article just consider your self lucky because everything about will be revealed, just read carefully and never skip a line for your own good and make sure you share the article after reading. Let’s go through this in the following subtitles; what is, how it works, how to register and so on.

What is ? is an online income program that claims to pay her members for performing some simple tasks online for example through newsletters subscription and you also get paid of $3 for each referral you introduce to the platform. Let’s do small calculation, if you can be able to register like 72 members to the platform you will earn $216 as total amount which has already exceeded the minimum payouts because the minimum amount to withdraw is $200. So if you can get paid of $216 for just inviting 72 people to then is it actually hard to believe this platform? Just imagine how sweet it is.

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About company ?

They promise to offer its members many simple ways to make money online. All you as a member expected to do is just to complete subscriptions with your email. Redeem your balance for gift cards to your preferred retailers or get direct and payment is very fast from PayPal.
Their aim is to help newsletter sites for making their contact more popular.
This was written base on what was seen on their website.

How works and the truth behind it ( ? subscriptions is very simple and understandable platform. You have to perform your daily tasks, make sure you invite at least 15 people to the platform. Registration is absolutely free and you will also receive a welcome bonus of $10 and also $10 for subscription bonus. Check below
Subscription bonus: $1.02
Subscription bonus: $2.15
Subscription bonus: $0.96
Subscription bonus: $1.75
Subscription bonus: $0.42

How to earn on ?

Before you can earn money on you have to register first of all, then you are qualify to make money.
You earn by referral and newsletter subscriptions.

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How to register or sign up on ?

How to sign up on
How to register on

Go to the official website @ and follow the steps below;

  1. Fill in the form your details correctly and your email
  2. Create a password
  3. Click on the sign up bottom
    Boom!! You are a member.

How to login to my account dashboard ?

How to login to

Go to their official website @ click on the login page, input your details such as your registered email and password then click on the login button. account dashboard

How to register your prospects on ?

For each prospect you bring to the platform you automatically earn a mission of $3. All you have to do in other to claim this offer, go to your account dashboard and copy your referral link (you can find this link at the top of your account at the navigation) then send to your friends, make sure they use your link for their registration. Is very simple as ABC!

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Who is the founder or the CEO of

We at ms-legit currently have no information about the owner of due to the inability of finding the name of the CEO on their website. What this means is that, the name of the CEO or the founder of was not found on their website which makes it obvious that the website is not 100% legit.

About the launching of ? was launched on February 13, 2021. Apparently, the website seem to be new but that does not mean is real.

Is legit ?

The name of the owner of the website is not found, the minimum amount to withdraw is very high and it means you have to spend more time in performing your daily tasks before you can get upto the minimum amount to withdraw.
Obviously, these reasons are enough to prove that the website is not legit. $216 is not a small amount of money that can be paid to a member just like that.

Is scam ? scam or legit

You can conclude this on your own due to what you have read so far.

How to withdraw my money on ?

To withdraw your money on you have to accumulate a certain amount which is the $200. Once you have gotten upto $200 on your account dashboard then you are qualify for payment. According to the website, you can receive payment directly through your PayPal as registered with

Conclusion on

You as a person can easily tell if this platform “” legit or scam. But base on our findings, we (ms-legit) regards as a scamming platform and you are advised not to invest or waste your time on this platform.
Note: Your safety is our priority!
We are always here to guide you. Thanks for reading this article to the end. Please share it and also make use of the comment box to share with us your experience on this article and about the if you have any information about it or you have any question or even suggestions. Your comments count.

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