Hi-video.xyz reviews: Legit or scam ? Find out the truth now before sign up

Hi, online hustlers, we at ms-legit feel much gratitude to welcome you back to another in-depth guide. As we all know Christmas is fast approaching and the state of our economy is not friendly. Making money has become every man’s dreams, especially through online, so, fraudsters are using this medium as a way of scamming people by creating fake websites.

Therefore, it’s advisable to read reviews on any platform you wish to join before taking action. However, our website #ms-legit happens to be one of the best websites that makes everything about a certain website known to its readers.

Honestly, we at ms-legit are always here to give you proper guidance on how to go about a certain platform you may likely want to join. All you are required to do is to always visit our website for more informations and updates about any website you wish to join before taking action.

Without wasting much of your time, Let’s discuss about another platform we have decided to review, which is “hi-video.xyz”.
This platform will be explained properly in this review.

Bear in mind that every single information you get from this review is gotten directly from their official website. So, no fake information here. Keep reading!

What is hi-video.xyz ?

Hi-video.xyz is a company that claims to offer its members the opportunity to earn money online by just watching promotional videos on their website.

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According to the platform “they offer people to view prepaid promotional videos of various world advertisers and get money for this. Among their advertisers are the largest producers of household appliances, leading retailers, and top video bloggers. Their system accepts only high-yield and high-quality videos selected and tested by our experts”.

How does hi-video.xyz work ?

Hi-video.xyz is an online income program. When you register on hi-video.xyz you get rewarded with a signup bonus of $10 as a welcome bonus.

How do I make money on hi-video.xyz ?

Before you can make money on hi-video.xyz, you must be a registered member first, then you can start making money by performing some simple tasks on their website. Such as by watching videos and inviting friends to the platform.

Hi-video.xyz pays its members 0.60 US Dollar per minute for each promotional videos they watch on their platform. The more the video you watch on hi-video.xyz, the higher your earnings keep rising.

According to the platform “At the moment, the cost of one minute of a promotional video is 50 cents. It’s easy: for 1 hour of work, you can earn 30.00 dollars. If you work at least 3 hours a day, your daily earnings will be 90.00 US Dollars, and in one month it would be 2700 dollars. According to the results of conducted surveys, hi-video.xyz the site is currently the leading system among other systems of paid video viewing.

Also, the more people you invite to the platform, the more money you make. For each person you invite through your referral link, will earn you 40% from their earnings to your account.

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When was hi-video.xyz launched ?

Knowing when a certain platform was launched before joining is a good idea, that’s why we have gone through their website thoroughly to make sure the date hi-video.xyz was launched is known to our readers.

Unfortunately, no information about the launching date was found on their website.

Who is the CEO or Founder of hi-video.xyz ?

The owner of the platform decided to keep its identity secret, reasons better Known by him or her. We #ms-legit have tried our best in finding who the owner is all about but no legit information was found on their website.

However, in the future we discover the owner of the website, this article will be updated immediately.

Where can I find hi-video.xyz ?

Definitely, when you hear online income program the first thing to come into your mind is the internet. Therefore,hi-video.xyz can be found only on the internet through Google search or by typing their official website on your phone browser (www.hi-video.xyz)

How do I sign up or register on Videomine.org?

Registeration on hi-video.xyz is pretty easy. Follow the guides below to get started;

  • CLICK HERE to be redirected to the Registeration page
  • Tab on the navigation key and click on “Sign up”
  • Input your details correctly such as your full name, username, email address, phone number, provide a strong password that you can easily remember.
  • Click on the SIGN UP button to finish your registration.
    Boom! You are a member.

How do I login to my hi-video.xyz account dashboard ?

Everything about hi-video.xyz is simply, especially how to login

  • Go to their official website @ www.hi-video.xyz and click on the sign in page
  • Input your username and password
  • Click on the sign in button

How do I register someone on hi-video.xyz ?

This is the most interesting part of any income program due to the way of making more money in this aspect. For any prospects you bring to the platform you automatically have a commission, so follow the steps below in order not to loose your commission when registering a prospect.

  • First login to your account dashboard and copy your referral link, then logout
  • Clear your browser data and paste it or send it to your prospects or you can past on social media to have more prospects
  • Input your prospect’s details correctly just as you registered yourself, then select your package. In case you send your referral link to them, encourage them to register through your link
  • Click on the SIGN UP button to finish the Registration.
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Once a registration is successfully completed, you will receive your bonus of $10

Can I get paid without referral on hi-video.xyz ?

No! Videomine.org claims to pay its members with referral as referral is completely mandatory on hi-video.xyz.

How much is hi-video.xyz Registeration Fee ?

hi-video.xyz is absolutely free to join. No registeration fee attached.

How do I withdraw my money on hi-video.xyz ?

Once you have referred a certain number of people to the website through your referral link and you have accumulated much. You can head to your account dashboard and click on the withdrawal button then choose your preferred payment method, input your details correctly and submit.

There are many ways to receive payment which are; bank card (MasterCard), Bitcoin account, phone bill, PayPal system, bank account, Western Union.

Is hi-video.xyz legit ?

As of time of writing this review, no bad report yet from registered members and it doesn’t mean it’s 100% percent legit.

Although, members are testifying through their website. Check below 👇

testimonies from registered members

Is hi-video.xyz scam ?

The CEO of the platform is not known, no information about the laughing date. The above flaws mark the platform to be suspicious. However, you can give it a trial as we keep our fingers crossed and watch how things go.

Conclusion on hi-video.xyz review

Thank you for reading our hi-video.xyz review. We look forward in seeing you safe and guided.

If you are a registered member of hi-video.xyz, share with us your experience about the platform. Remember to share this review to your friends through social media. Thanks!


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