How to make money on MyDailyCash app

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Earning money has never been so easy! With MyDailyCash you can earn money with your smartphone and have it paid out to your PayPal account

MyDailyCash is owned by US-based Company. They are in partnership with several companies in their niche to provide you with a seamless earnings experience.

You can perform a simple survey and earn points which can be transferred to PayPal once you reach the minimum withdrawal.

What is MyDailyCash?

MyDailyCash is a US-based rewarding app where people can register and perform a simple task. Earn a good extra income anytime and anywhere with MyDailyCash app.

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How does MyDailyCash works?

You need to register an account on the platform, once you have registered an account you will get 50 credits which are equivalent to $0.50 as sign-up bonus. If you wish to earn more then you can start performing tasks and earn anywhere between 50 to 100 credits each time they completed a task. You can also refer your friends and earn 20 credits for each successful referral you made.

However, it’s also worth noting that the payments are available through PayPal, that’s the only available payment method.

How do I earn more credits on MyDailyCash?

MyDailyCash has three way through which you can earn credit.

  • Task: you will be rewarded for completing task, after launching the MyDailyCash you will see a task, you can click on learn more
  • Referral – This is one of the most powerful ways to earn more credits, you will earn $20 for each user that used your referral code to register.
  • Sign-up bonus: You will be rewarded with 50 credits immediately after signing up with this referral code 583753.
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How To Register On MyDailyCash?

MyDailyCash registration is quite simple and doesn’t require much, unlike other survey apps that you need to bypass by using a VPN to access.

Note: you must use 583753 as your referral code or else you will not get any registration bonus.

  • Download MyDailyCash via this link
  • Click on the next and use your phone number
  • Use this referral code: 583753
  • Now click on Claim reward
  • Once you clicked on that you will be automatically logged to MyDailyCash.

MyDailyCash Referral

Referring people to MyDailyCash is quite simple, all you have to do is to copy your referral code and ask your friends to use it when registering

You will get 20 credit and your friend will 50 credits too.

MyDailyCash withdrawal

  • Click on the settings
  • Enter your PayPal Email and click on Update
  • After updating click on “Payout” and finally tap on “Get Money”.

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