Swapnex.io arbitrage Review: Login, Legit or Scam ?

In today’s article, we’ll give answers to all questions about Snapnex.io arbitrage trading, which includes: Swapnex arbitrage owner, how does Swapnex arbitrage work, how to trade on Swapnex arbitrage, how to start Swapnex arbitrage trading, Swapnex arbitrage sign up or Register, Swapnex arbitrage withdrawal, is Swapnex arbitrage legit or scam, and more.

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Also, in case you don’t know, Snapnex.io arbitrage trading is another trading platform similar to COTP unlike Crypto OTP that deal on only one network, Swapnex io deals on more than one Network., so in order not to fall into the wrong hands it’s highly advisable to read this Swapnex arbitrage review to be safe.

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What is Swapnex.io arbitrage trading?

Snapnex.io arbitrage trading is an online plaftorm where members earn 3% daily and you must trade before earning on the platform in order to earn good profit, because no trading no earning.

Many people who are trading on COTP don’t usually sleep well again because trading is every 2 hours 15minutes. And COTP prohibit the use of robot to trade in their platform. But some stubborn individuals still went ahead to use robot, they are not afraid if when COTP carry out their update they would not be affected. Competition has begun as other companies are coming up with different strategies to penetrate the market, Swapnex is one of them. The real money now is in online business, you can choose to believe or not but it is the fact.

How does Snapnex arbitrage trading work ?

In Snapnex arbitrage platform, you can trade manually or use automated as both options are available. You can opt for both, open and close orders on different trading platforms on your own or let the AI do all the work for you.

The platform offer traders a unique arbitrage exchange platform to operate at several crypto exchanges all in one smart platform called snapnex. Traders can easily buy coins on one platform and sell them on other platforms within seconds inside snapnex. Updates are done regularly and the list of exchanges expanded, there are more than 10 exchanges on the platform

Swapnex arbitrage is a big arbitrage trading platform that has access to a wide range of cryptocurrency exchanges such as; BINANCE, Kraken, Coinbase, Bithumb, etc. Swapnex io is registered with ASC, you can confirm this. They have two plans, one is free while another is paid plan.

How do I register on Swapnex.io arbirage ?

  • CLICK HERE to be redirected to Snapnex arbitrage official sign up page
  • Input your details correctly as required in the space provided
  • After registration fund your wallet, they have different packages, you can choose suitable account plan and then upgrade for maximum trading result, you make profit daily using Swapnex.

How to start Swapnex Arbitrage trading

You have to login or sign up.  It is more preferable to use the link of a registered member because there are many pirated fake apps in Play store claiming to be what they are not.
After registration you move over to your dashboard displayed with lemon colour.

When you send money to the platform it will appear under the wallet section where different coins are listed with their blockchain.

When was Swapnex arbitrage launched ?

It was created in 2020, the headquarters is located in Level 1-26 Park St. Sydney, Ausrtralia.

Snapnex Arbitrage Plan for trading

Swapnex io Plans

  • Automode $50 minimum
  • 30 days plus 24 hours per operation (1/day)
  • 60 days plus 12 hours per operation (3/day)
  • 90 days plus 6 hours per operation (4/day)

Auto-mode VIP Plans

  • 120 days $2000 minimum for 4 hours 50 minutes per operation (5/day) with free 1 month VIP personal plan subscription that gives you +3 manual trades.
  • 180 days $10000 minimum for 4 hours per operation (6/day) with free 1 month VIP Professional plan subscription that gives you +4 manual trades.
  • 360 days $50000 minimum for 3 hours per operation (8/day) with free 1 year VIP Professional plan subscription that gives you +4 manual trade

For the Manual

  • Free plan 24 hours per operation (1/day)
  • Manual plan start $200 for 12 hours per operation
  • And Manual personal plan $500 for 8 hours per operation (3/day)
  • Manual Professional plan $1500 for 6 hours per operation (4/day)

Note: Each plan offers a greater number of brokers in the list so the opportunities to improve profit are greater . It increases and the number of brokers are reflected in the auto trade as well.
The automatic and manual trading plans are different one doesn’t interfere with the other.

How to transfer funds to Swapnex arbitrage

You have to first of all enable 2FA (authentication) before you can deposit funds into your account. After enabling 2FA, click add balance on the coin you want to trade, you must note the blockchain of the coin you are trading. USDT is a stable coin no gas fee as in Ethereum. However, if you are transferring tron from trust wallet you would have to pay gas fee. Enter your deposit amount and click Top up. It would bring out your dialog box which gives QR code to scan address for the deposit.The balance which is the money you transferred would be reflected in your swapnet io wallet within a few minutes depending on the exchange you are using.

How to trade on snapnex crypto trading

Advance to the trading section, where trades can be executed manually or move to the AI for automatic trading. Select your arbitrage pair of choice for trading, every trade has a minimum deposit amount depending on the cryptocurrency of your choice. For instance if you deposit $200 USDT you can trade 4 different coins

This is the aim of writing this review, from research they seem to be legit like COTP but how far they can go is what we don’t know at the moment. Although, they are registered with ASC which is not a guarantee but pledge legitimacy to the business.

Is Swapnex arbitrage legit or scam ?

This is always the fear of so many, from research they look for legit like COTP but how far they can go is what we don’t know. I pray the last longer than we can imagine so we keep increasing our accounts. They are registered with ASC is not a guarantee but pledge legitimacy to the business.

Swapnex.io withdrawal

You can withdraw as much as you want to but minimum withdrawal should not be less than 0.001 Bitcoin, 0.01 Ethereum, 0.03 Litecoin, 100 Doge, 0.01 Bitcoincash, 5 Ripple, 2 USDT Trc20, 0.05 Binancecoin, 0.05 Zcash, and 2 USDT Bep20


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