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Nowadays, online business has become an indispensable part. People rely on online businesses for income, but there are very few permanent online businesses, so many people hope to find true permanent online businesses.

So most people hope to find a passive income but in most cases ended up crashing due to the inability of the platform to pay members. This has made us provide honest review on online platforms to help online hustlers know how legitimate a platform is before investing their hard earned money and time on such platforms

One of these online platforms is the webmine (webmine.live) which we’ll be reviewing today including sub topics like: webmine review, webmine login, webmine.live, is webmine legit? Is webmine real or fake? and more.

DISCLAIMERThis website is not in any way affiliated with webmine, hence this review is based on honesty and broad insight.

Someone might have introduced you to chainmine or you heard of it on social media and you decided to do thorough research about the platform. The Good news is we have compiled all its features to help you understand whether you should join chainmine.oi and proceed to chainmine.io login or not.

Our reviews here at Online Jobs Reviews are meant to create awareness to help our readers make informed decision when it comes to make money online opportunities. Kindly read this article to the end without skipping a line.

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What is webmine.live ?

webmine.live is a newly launched platform that will allow you to make money from performing tasks such as daily mining bonus, referring friends and many more.

You can also make money from referring/inviting your friends to register on the platform.

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webmine.live services was innovated by an experienced monetization expert in a bid to equip her members financially with affiliate skills.

When a member signs up on webmine, he/she has access to 2 ways of earning, which can be accessible via one-time registration fee of N2,500.

According to the website, Webmine is an investment and adertising company based in Nigeria. We help companies and individuals market and advert their products / services to our clients and then share part of the profit we make with our website users anytime they view and share our advert posts. We are a company of like-minded Nigerians who have come together to eradicate poverty by creating a risk-free platform for people to earn passive income daily from the comfort of their homes. All that is needed to earn money on webmine.live is a smartphone and a social media account.

How does webmine.live work ?

To get started on webmine, you will need to register with N2,500, and you will get a welcome bonus of N1500.

You can begin earning by mining daily for a N300 bonus.

You can also make money from referring/inviting your friends to register on the platform.

How do I make money on webmine.live ?

To be qualified of making money on webmine, you must be a registered member by paying a one time payment fee of N2,500.

We know that it costs money to be online because you have to buy date, you will spend time, your energy needed to perform tasks, and you must have an internet enabled device.

Actually, we have all these but we are wasting them online by using it on social media only which will give us no money. You should try to be making some cash online too!

webmine is here to help you double your hustle online. You can make money on webmine.live in four (4) ways as a newly registered member.

Below is a breakdown of how to earn on webmine;

  • Registeration bonus: Once you have finished signing up on webmine.live, you are qualified to claim this offer of N1500
  • Daily mining: Members will earn N300 for mining with just a click of a button.
  • Referral bonus: This is one of the most wonderful ways of making money with webmine. You will earn N1,200 for anyone that joins through your link.
  • You are eligible for a free data of 500MB

Who is the CEO or Founder of webmine.live ?

Knowing the owner of any platform you wish to join is very important. Therefore, we have done many research to make sure the CEO of Webmine is made known to everyone. But fortunately, During our research, we found out that a man called “Segun Adeosun” happens to be the owner of the platform.

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When was webmine.live launched ?

This is another important thing you should know before joining a platform. According to our findings base on what we saw on their website, webmine.live was launched on the 1st of March, 2022.

Who can be a member on webmine.live ?

Fortunately, the good news is that everyone can be a member on webmine.live. Be you a student, House wife, civil servant, or even those that are seeking for a job or you wish to double your hustle online, you can join. Once you have what it takes to get started.

Why I should join webmine.live ?

WEBMINE allows her members to earn passive income, even without referring and as well make the earning easy and suitable.

Registeration fee on webmine.live ?

You are required to offer a token of N2,500 only for a life time payment. No expiry date.

How do I sign up or register on webmine.live ?

Registeration on webmine.live is quite easy to carry out. Follow the guide below to get started;

  1. Firstly, CLICK HERE to contact one of the verified coupon code vendors via WhatsApp recommended by us to purchase your coupon code.
  2. Once you have purchased your coupon code, CLICK HERE to visit their official website registeration page
  3. Fill in the form correctly with your details as required
  4. Insert the coupon code you have purchased and provide a strong password that you can easily remember
  5. Use LEGIT as your referral code ( if not auto-fill already)
  6. Click on the “Registeration” button to finish your registration process.

Note: CLICK HERE to register successfully. If you have any question or you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our team via WhatsApp by CLICKING HERE. Proper attention 24/7.

How do I sign in or login on webmine.live ?

Follow the steps below;

  1. CLICK HERE to visit their official website login page
  2. Input your either email or username and password
  3. Click on the login button.

How do I register someone on webmine.live ?

Registering someone on webmine.live gives you a commission amount of N1,200 for each person you register. Probably, you need to claim this offer too, follow the steps below to register your prospects without mistakes.

  1. Go to your account dashboard and copy your referral link
  2. Send to your friends or clear your browser data and paste it (if you are to register your prospect)
  3. Purchase a coupon code, then fill in your prospect’s details just as you registered yourself
  4. Click on the registration button and wait for account to be activated. Once account is activated, you will receive N1,200 immediately.
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Is webmine.live legit?

No! Webmine is a scam due to the fraudulent activities on their website, members are to pay N2,500 then receive N1500 as Registeration bonus, and again N1200 for referral bonus. Obviously, this is not making sense because if you calculate very well, for each new Registered member, the platform looses N200. So how do they plan to pay members?. Our research on this platform, as shown it to be very risky, however some certain people seemed to have cashed out from it from referral bonus but no evidence of the payment.

As I always advice my readers, always invest what you can afford to lose. You can leave your reviews in the comment section below.

Is webmine.live scam?

Yes! There have been many complaints of webmine.live being scam. Although, it is recently launched, but the owner has already showing atoms of scam. If you have anything to say about this platform, you can leave them below in the comment section.

webmine.live Withdrawal

The platform pays you with or without referring anyone with a minimum of N6,000 for non_referrals and a minimum of N2,000 (just 2 referrals) for affiliate.

Payments for non referrals is done trice (2 times) in a month (basically 15th and 30th) of every month.
While payments for affiliate bonus is done DAILY.

webmine.live registration fee is very affordable, with just a token of N2,500 you’re good to go.

Summary on webmine.live

WEBMINE allows her members gain even without reffering and as well make the earning easy and suitable. You earn in four major ways, such as;

➢ REGISTRATION FEE = N2,500 ( one time payment)





CLICK HERE to register successfully

Withdrawal for referrals is daily…

Withdrwals for activity earnings are placed on the 15th and 30th of every month


Refferals Earnings = #2,000

Mining Tasks Earnings = #6,000

Happy Money making


Several platforms came out like this, and guess what? They didn’t last long! In our (ms-legit) opinion, we will advice you not to register on this platform in order not to waste your hard earned money.


Thank you for reading this webmine.live review. Surely, you must have gotten a lot of amazing info. Make sure you subscribe to or website @ www.ms-legit.com.ng or CLICK HERE to join our Whatsapp group for more updates as they come.

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