AfricGold Reviews: Is scam or legit How it works Register Login ? Find out!

Nowadays, many people around the world are so desperate to make quick money online without stress due to the laziness they (especially the youth) engaged their selves into. Nobody wants to hustle again to earn life, all they do for a living is to sit at home, subscribe for their monthly data with there system (laptop) and mobile phone always on, steady online doing one or two things to dupe people. Some even create fake website claiming to pay you for doing some tasks on their website and after they have gotten enough money from its users they fold up then their members will eventually gain nothing.
However, some of these online platforms are real but not 100% legit. They pay its users only at the beginning (the time the platform is newly launched), then after a while they turn their back on its users.
Fortunately, to those who have interest in making money online, we at ms-legit are here to guide you thoroughly on how these online platforms actually work and also help you in making perfect decisions on any website you wish to join.
This brings us to another online income program called “” many people must have heard of it. is an online making money platform that claims to pay its users for doing some simple tasks online.

Before we start properly, I want to express our profound gratitude to you all for stopping by just to read our Reviews. You are warmly welcome. Please carefully read this article to the end because every single line of this article contain an authentic information. Definitely, the truth about website is about to make known.

What is ?

AfriGold is one of the leading cryptocurrency mining platforms, offering cryptocurrency mining capacities in every range – for newcomers. Their mission is to make acquiring cryptocurrencies easy and fast for everyone, according to the website.

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This platform is an online income program that claims to pay its members for performing some simple tasks on their website, such as; mining/investment. Members must not bring people to the platform before earning. Making money with AfricGold is quite easy to carry out but you must be a registered member by purchasing a code from the verified dispatch vendors on their website.

How does work ?

Africgold is a dual-purpose platform, members of Africgold can make money either by mining or via affiliate marketing, and your earnings would be paid to you via your bank account after reaching the AfriGold minimum withdrawal threshold.

Note: The minimum amount members of Africgold can make per day is ₦4500, although it depends on your subscription plan. Interested? wow!

How to make money on ?

AfricGold is simple and its features seem pretty easy to carry out. But firstly, you must be a registered member before you can start making some and their registeration is nothing you should worry about. Go to their official website and register an account with them.
Once you have become a registered member, you can start making money. In there are two categories or methods of making money, which are; performing some tasks on their website and referring of friends to the platform. How do I mean ?

Tasks to perform: The tasks to perform on their website is not a big deal. They are very simple to carry out and these tasks are; mining or investment.
Doing these tasks could make you accumulate fast and cashout.

Referrals: This is the easiest way of making money because it gives no stress, with just your referral link, you are making money already although its optional but necessary. As a member of, you are allowed to invite your friends and families to join the platform through your referral link. And by so doing, you are having a certain amount of money as your commission from each of the person you invite. Wow!

To get started, all you are required to do – you will have to contact a dispatch vendor to buy an activation code for any investment plan you wish to register to. Then, you create a user profile using the Register option and start doing your work by mining.

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You can also increase the mining power for all coins using their platform. You will be receiving mining output directly from your designated wallet.

Who is the CEO or Founder of ?

Knowing the owner of any platform you wish to join before taking action is very important. Therefore, we have done many research to make sure the CEO of is made known to everyone. But unfortunately, we found out that the CEO of website decided to make his or her identity secret. For some reasons better Known by him or her. In the future we discover the owner of the platform, this article will be updated immediately.

Fortunately, we found a little details about the website which could probably be of the CEO. Below is an address found on their website, in case you want to contact them for some reasons use this information

Phone number: 234 801 234 5789

Email address:

Head Office: Lagos 125666, NG

When was launched ?

According to our findings on their website, the date AfricGold was launched happens to be on the 30th of August, 2021.

Can I get paid without referral on ?

Yes! claims to pay its members with or without referral as referral is not mandatory.

Is legit ?

According to the website, it has a functional cash reservoir, they do not depend on Google Adsense before paying her members. Amount of AFGOLD supply daily is what they can afford to pay. The company is monitised in different ways to ensure consistent mining cash flow.

Actually, as of time of writing this article, no bad report from registered members yet but its features seem not to be real because before you get paid, you must invest first which is not advisable.

Is scam ?

According to the website, It would never crash because there would always be enough funds to mine and earn. Units of gold supplied daily is prior to how much profit the platform makes daily. However, it’s a decentralized platform. You MINE, EARN, and withdraw as you wish.

Apparently, investing on any website before getting paid is not really a good idea. So we encourage you to be careful of this platform, if you really wish to join.

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Available membership plans on ?

Currently, there are only two membership plans on AfricGold which each of them with different varieties. The first one worths 2500(0.25) while the second one is 4500(0.45) as subscription fee.

How do I register on ?

To get started? Follow the guides below;

  1. Go to their official website at
  2. Contact any of the dispatch vendors and make payment to get your activation code, depending on the membership plan you wish to register.
  3. Go back to the website and tab on the navigation key, click on the Registeration page
  4. Fill in your details correctly along with the activation code you have purchased as required, then submit.

How do I register someone on ?

Registeration is not something you should worry about. Just follow the instructions below in order to register your prospects successfully and claim your commission bonus as well.

  1. Login to your account dashboard and copy your referral link
  2. Contact any of the dispatch vendors and make payment to get your activation code, depending on the membership plan your prospect wish to register.
  3. Clear your browser data and paste your referral link
  4. Fill in your details correctly alone with the activation code you have purchased as required just the way you registered yourself.
    After a successful registration, you will have the chance to claim a certain amount as your commission bonus immediately.

How do I login to my account dashboard ?

To login to your account? Go to their official website at and click on the navigation key, tab on the login page and input your details.

How do I withdraw my money on ?

Withdrawal on Africgoldm is pretty easy.
Once you have reached the minimum threshold, you are qualified to apply for withdrawal when you login to your account dashboard and click on withdrawal, input your details correctly and submit. Then expect your earnings to be credited to your account.

Conclusion on ?

We want to thank you once again for spending much of your precious time in reading this article to the end, we look forward in seeing you safe and guided. Remember your safety remains our priority.

Always feel free to drop your own point of view in the comment box just below. If you are a registered member of please do well by sharing with us your experience on the website through the comment section, to be of benefit to those who want to join but don’t really trust the platform.

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