Review: Is cashflow legit or scam? Discover the truth now!!

Nowadays, making money online has become so notorious due to the way people have been using this online income platforms for scamming suppose. Some persons will wake up one day, create fake website just to scam people, while few are legit. If you are lucky to come across with a legit platforms, you will make cool cash so easily at the comfort of your home as long as you have a mobile phone that can access to the internet.
Today we at ms-legit bring to you another making money guide for the benefit of those who love making money online, in helping them being guided on any platform they wish to join. Here comes another online income called “cashflow” which will be reviewed thoroughly.
Probably you could have heard about this platform on social media like Facebook, but you don’t really know deeply about it. Or you are hearing this for the first time then try your possible best to read this article to the end because it contains vital information to help you in making perfect decisions. Now let’s go straight to why we are here, at the end of this article all your frequently asked questions will be answered correctly to your satisfaction.

What is ?

Cashflow is an online income program that offers its members opportunity to earn money by doing simple tasks on their website. These tasks are not something that you should worry about because they are what we always do almost every day.
According to their website, the website is controlled by a well experienced entrepreneur. So you have nothing to worry about, with just your mobile phone that can enable you have access to the internet at the comfort of your home you are good to go, no skills needed. These tasks are just by loging in to your account daily and sharing of sponsored posts or adverts on social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram and even Instagram.

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How does work?

According to the website, Cashflow claims to provide its members with opportunity to make money online by taking advantage of the internet and also turning their everyday social media into a tool for Learning. The interesting part of the platform is that you will be acquiring skills and also making passive income. This will wow you!

How do I make money with

Making money with Cashflow is quite easy and very simple because its features seem to be interesting. Before you can start making money, you must be a registered member of the platform with a one time registration fee of N2,000.
Once you have registered successfully, you can start making money in many ways as listed below;

➢ Welcome bonus: As a newly registered member of Cashflow, you will be given a bonus of N1000 automatically.
➢ Referral bonus: this means of earning is very simple and no stress attached to it because with just your referral link, you are making cool cash. Once a prospect registered to the platform through your referral link, you will have a commission of N1,300.
➢ Daily login bonus: To claim this offer, you must login to your cashflow account dashboard at least once in a day and N100 will be added to your earning automatically.
➢ Sharing of Sponsored post: There is a special post appears differently on the website every day, all you have to do is to share the post on social media then you are qualify for N200 earning.

Who can be a member on cashflow ?

Fortunately, anybody can be a member on cashflow as long as you have a mobile phone that can access the internet to enable you perform your daily tasks on the website.

How much is the registeration fee on cashflow?

You have to pay a one time payment of N2,000 only. No hidden payment attached.

How do I sign up or register on registeration

To sign up is quite easy, just follow the steps below for proper guidance

  1. Go to their official website at
  2. Tab the navigation key and Click on “get coupon”
  3. Contact any of the coupon code vendors through WhatsApp to purchase your coupon code
  4. After you have purchased the coupon code, go back to the website and click on the “Registration page”
  5. Input your details correctly in the space provided, such as your full name, username, mobile phone number, email address, the coupon code you purchase and a strong password that you can easily remember.
  6. Click on the “sign up” button
  7. An email will be sent to your registered email address for confirmation. That’s all and you are a member!
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Where do I find ?

The only place you can find cashflow is the internet. No other place.

How do I sign in to my cashflow account dashboard?

To sign in to your account, follow the steps below

  1. Go to their official website at
  2. Click on the sign in page
  3. Input your email or username and password

How do I register a prospect on cashflow ?

This is very important because each prospect you register, you have a commission of N1,300 so you must not miss this offer. For proper guidance on how to register your prospects, follow the steps below

  1. You must first contact any of the verified coupon code vendors on their website to get a coupon code.
  2. Login to your account dashboard and copy your referral link, then logout
  3. Clear your phone browser data
  4. Paste it in your browser
  5. Fill in your the details of your prospect correctly, then click on the sign up button.
    Boom! You will receive your bonus of N1,300

Can I get paid without referral on cashflow ?

Yes! You can get paid without referral because with Cashflow referral is completely optional.

How do I share sponsored post on cashflow?

To share sponsored post correctly as required on the website, the following steps must be taken

  1. Login to your account and tab the navigation key, then click on sponsored post
  2. Click on the sponsored post for the day. For instance, sponsored post for 23rd of September 2021.
  3. Download the image on the page ( if any )
  4. Copy the text on the post
  5. Paste it on any of the social media platforms ( Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram) along with the image then post it as public in order to be verified on payment day.
    After this, you are now qualified for the N200.

When was launched ?

Knowing when a platform was launched is very important. was launched just recently, on the 30th of June 2021.

Who is the CEO or Founder of ?

The CEO of is not yet revealed on their website. Though we are currently making findings on this issue and once we find out the owner of this platform, we will update this article immediately.
Fortunately, they have contact us page on their website which could enable you reach with them in case you wish to know more about them.

Other amazing features on


Note: what you learn can not be taken from you, it remains in you forever. so don’t miss this opportunity.

➢ CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING: offers cryptocurrency classes that give its members the opportunity to learn Fiat – crypto, crypto – to crypto, binance lectures, advanced mentorship and proper risk management and so on.
According to the website, You can enroll in their master cryptocurrency trading classes that is handled by an expert in the act with minimum activities Earnings of 30,000

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➢ GRAPHICS DESIGN: You can enroll in their master Graphics designing classes that is handled by an expert in the act with minimum activities Earnings of 25,000

They offer a generalized market place for their members where each member can accurately display his/her products to a large audience and get sales on our jumia – like webpage with a minimum activities Earnings of 20,000.
You are sure to get sales!

You can enroll for their master affiliate marketing classes that is handled by an expert in the act with minimum activities of #20,000

You can enroll for their Mini Importation classes that is handled by an expert in the act with minimum activities of #20,000.


➢ Withdrawal of earnings via local bank account

➢Withdrawal if earnings via USDT,BUSD or BTC,ETH and XRP

➢Extra bonuses for a certain amount of earnings withdrawn weekly

➢Activities earners can register a Downline with 7500 CASHFLOW activities points i.e You use 7500CAPs to get a coupon code and register a Downline while you own the registration fee paid to your bank account.
The above informations are authentic, because it was written exactly from their website.

Is legit ?

Yes! can be regarded as legit due to the way they have been putting smile on the faces of their members by paying them.

Is scam ?

No! Because at the time of writing this article, no complaint was reported but in future we notice any atom of scam, this article will be updated immediately.

How do I withdraw my money on ?

The minimum amount to withdraw on is N5,000. Once you have reached the minimum threshold, you are qualify to place withdrawal request and you will be charged N100 as Bank transfer charge. By proceeding to your account dashboard and click on withdrawal then follow the steps required.
To withdraw your Cashflow Activity Point (CAPS), you must accumulate 10,000 Caps to qualify you for withdrawal.

Days and ways of withdrawal ?


  1. withdrawal through local bank account
  2. Withdrawal through USDT, BUSD or BTC,ETH and XRP


  1. Weekly withdrawal for extra bonuses for a certain amount of earnings
  2. There is no specified date for Cashflow Activity Points (CAPS)
  3. Daily withdrawal for Affiliate Earners also known as YouEarners on CASHFLOW.

Summary on

Below are brief summary on

  1. Registration fee – N2,000
  2. Welcome bonus – N1000
  3. Referral bonus – N1300
  4. Daily login bonus – N100
  5. Sharing of Sponsored post – N200
  6. Graphic design – Minimum activities Earnings of 25,000
  7. Market place – minimum activities Earnings of 20,000
  8. Affiliate marketing – minimum activities of #20,000
  9. Mini importation – minimum activities of #20,000
  10. 7500CAPs can be used to get a coupon code.

Conclusion on

Here comes to the end of, we at ms-legit feel much gratitude for your time spent in reading this article to the end.

Thanks to you all, we look forward in seeing you safe and guided. Always feel free to drop your own point of view in the comment section. Please share this article as you have finished reading.

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