Flowextra.com Review – Scam or legit ? Find out now before taking action

Today in our society many people are jobless, they hardly eat 3 square meal a day so they depend on online programs to earn small cash yet fraudsters will scam them both online and offline with the little they have.That’s why ms-legit.com.ng is always here to review income programs in order to help novices (not experienced people) to understand any program they wish to join before proceeding or taking final action.
We are going to look into another online program today which is (flowextra income program). Please I am urging you to kindly read this article with all your attention and never skip a sentence because this article contain a lot of important information about flowextra. At the end of this review you will be able to know what flowextra income all about, how it works, how to earn and so on. Keep reading!

What is flowextra income program?

Flowextra.com is a reputable news website, where you can get the best entertainment updates and also get paid by performing simple tasks. Flowextra is an educative site that provides you with latest news on what is happening around the country.
There aim is to eradicate and probably put an end to financial issues, create opportunities for people to make money and become self-dependent despite the economic state of the country.

How does flowextra.com work?

Flowextra.com is also an online business where u make money and get paid at the comfort of your home. No stress attached, no much of time needed just with your smart phone or laptop you are good to go.

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They claim to pay you for reading news, daily login to the site and many more with your smart phone and assure you with flowextra, no more insufficient fund.

Ways and How to earn on flowextra income?

On flowextra.com there are two ways one can earn which is the FRE ( Flowextra Referral Earnings) and the FAE ( Flowextra Activities Earnings )
To earn on flowextra? Keep reading…

  1. To earn on flowextra you must be a member, with a one-time registration free of N2,500 you are good to go.
  2. You get paid of N1,300 for any person you bring to the platform and successfully registered through your referral link.
    Note: Referral is absolutely optional
  3. Once Your account is activated you get an instant welcome bonus of 1000 FAE points immediately.
  4. You get an instant 10 FAE points for each news you click on the website.
  5. You get an instant 10 FAE points for each comment you make on any article on the website and make sure your comment contain more than 5 words. Commenting below 5 words such as Thanks, great, nice info etc will make you loose the 10 FAE points.
  6. You get an instant 100 FAE points for the first login of the day to the website. It is called daily login bonus.
  7. You also receive 100 FAE points for your daily sharing of sponsored post.
  8. You get an instant Airtime of your preferred network for posting your credit alert with the best caption on the website.

What is F.R.E and F.A.E ?

F.R.E simply means Flowextra Referral Earnings.
Any prospect you bring to the platform you will be paid a sum of N1,300 instantly into your flowextra account. Make your prospects use your referral link for there registration. But if they mistakenly register without your referral link then of no account you will be paid.
F.A.E mean Flowextra Activities Earnings.
This is the major way of earning for those finding difficulties in getting prospects. The earning is base on the activities you perform in the website such as reading of news, commenting and sharing sponsored posts daily.

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Is flowextra.com legit or scam ?

Flowextra.com can be regarded as legit and not scam. Reasons, no registered member has given any bad information or experience from flowextra program. So it is advisable to give a trial and remember it is not a quick rich scheme.
They promise to get you covered. Flowextra was created on March 22nd, 2020. Under the legal Protection of FLOWEXTRA TECHNOLOGY. Registered and confirmed by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with the BN: 3107446 A proficient Online business.
This above information was gotten from their website so you have nothing to worry about.

Do I get paid without referral?

Yes! They claim to pay all there members with or without referral.

How do I share sponsored post on Flowextra.com?

First login to your account, go to the menu bar and click on FEATURES, you will see the sponsored category. Still click on it and the sponsored posts of each day will appear. Select the sponsored post of the and copy the text and download the image then past on your Facebook timeline.
Note: make sure your post is being posted as poblic because your Facebook timeline will be reviewed for verification purposes before you can get paid.

Do I get paid without sharing the sponsored posts?

No! On flowextra income program, sharing of sponsored posts is mandatory. And you must not edit it before sharing, share as instructed. The date of the sponsored post u share must be corresponded with the date of the day you share it.

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Why should I join flowextra.com?

Flowextra serves as means of income to everyone. Your age, gender or status can not prevent you from earning on flowextra.
Are u a student, or you are looking for a job? With flowextra you could be making alot of money to sustain life. Grap this opportunity and don’t let the economic state of the country weigh you down, with your smart phone at the comfort of your room you will earn some cash daily.

About flowextra.com withdrawal ?

Referral Earnings can be withdrawn any day, any time with the minimum amount of N3,900 and payment is made within 1 to 2 hours of request.
Note: A service fee of N100 will be charged on every withdrawal.

While Flowextra Activities Earnings (F.A.E) can only be withdrawn on the end of every month with the minimum earnings of 10,000 FAE which equals to N5,000.
Once you have reached the minimum amount to withdraw, the withdrawal button will automatically appear on your dashboard at the end of the month for you to cash out your money.

Now how do I register on flowextra.com?

Registration is quite easy. Follow the steps below

  1. Visit their official website @ www.flowextra.com
  2. Go to the menu and click on ” Buy coupon code”
  3. Contact any of the coupon code vendors and make payment of N2,500
  4. Go to the registration page and fill in your details correctly alongside with the coupon code then click on the submit button.
    Boom!!! You are a member.

Summary on flowextra.com

• Flowextra registration fee = N2,500
• Registration bonus = 1,000 FAE
• Referral bonus = N1,300
• Read news = 10 FAE
• Commenting = 10 FAE
• Sponsored post = 100 FAE
• Daily login = 100 FAE
• Airtime = not specified
• 10,000 FAE is equal to N5,000

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