Rainmakerssa.com Review – Scam or Legit, How It Works, registration and login

You are highly welcome to ms-legit. We mostly write reviews on almost all online income programs, our aim is to help people with the interest of making money on online income programs to guide them to beware of fake websites. So we are always here to review online income programs to avoid people from falling victims in the hands of scammer.
Now you might be eager to sign up on rainmakerssa.com but you really need to know more about it especially how it works before taking finally decision.
If you have been asking for rainmakerssa.com review and you are here, then you are at the right place. I am going to explain everything about rainmakerssa because in this 21st century to make legit money online is very difficult due to the number of scamming platform that are being launched almost every day to lure those who are willing to make money online by engaging them into some daily tasks which will eventually benefits the site owner only and make its users end up gaining nothing. In some cases the owner of the site might run an affiliate ads or sponsorship ads and can pay few members as a reward of what they (the members) earn from ads revenue. Sometimes the owner of the site will decide not to pay any member except they upgrade from their initial plan to another higher plan which must cost them real money to upgrade, before he/she could probably pay some members and that is why it is very hard to trust newly launched platform.
Today we (ms-legit) decided to review this newly launched investment platform which is (rainmakerssa.com), all important information and details base on this rainmakers will be exposed to you in this article.
This platform in question is a newly launched platform which is giving you daily revenue of R3. The minimum amount to withdraw is R60 and you can also earn more money when someone join the platform through your referral link. All the requirements that will qualify you to be a full member is just your active mobile phone number.
Let’s deeply continue about this platform and I am urging you to make sure you read it carefully for better understanding.
Rainmakers is mainly for South Africans. But currently in South Africa many people don’t still believe in online income programs, so the keeping wandering seeing you busy with your phone always. Some even see you as a jobless person wasting his/her time on the internet doing absolute nothing because they totally believe in physical jobs. Obviously, they never noticed or observed that the world is changing and technology is becoming more advanced than before. Many richest people in the world depends on online income to sustain their living, for example; Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and so on. So now you can see it your self that making money online could definitely make you rich and make life easier for you.
The motive behind what I have been explaining so far is to encourage, motivate and also make you comprehend everything about online income programs.
Now we will consider the main reason why we are here, so please do well to read everything carefully and never skip a line because each lines of this article contain an important information and we will try our best to make sure you know what you really need to know. Once again you are highly welcome to ms-legit, your safety is our priority, please make sure you share this article after reading. Let’s consider the following subtitles; what rainmakers is all about, how to be a member, how to earn money on the platform, how it really works and many more.

What is rainmakers (rainmakerssa.com) ?

rainmakers is a ponzi scheme platform in South Africa where members make money through investment. No skills needed to be a member, no mush stress attached, with just your mobile phone you are good to go.

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How does rainmakers (rainmakerssa.com) work ?

With rainmakers, members make money by performing some simple tasks online. Why I say simple tasks is because these tasks are what we usually do each passing day without getting paid or any thing back in return and it does not take much of your time. However, members make R12 daily from these tasks which I will explain at the end of this article. And these tasks depend on the plan or level you are because rainmakers has different plans or levels that work differently.

Rainmakerssa.com vip plans or levels ?

In rainmakers vip levels, there are about six levels and they all work differently. The higher the level you are, the more cash you make daily.
As a newly registered member you will automatically be in the free vip level which will make you earn lower from the daily tasks.
The other way to earn more money is through the referrals program. What this actually mean is that any prospect you bring to the platform and make sure he or she uses your referral link to register, you will automatically have a certain amount of commission from it, so the more people you invite to the platform the more money you make.

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How do I register or sign up on rainmakerssa.com ?

To register on rainmakerssa.com is pretty easy. Just follow the steps below

  1. Visit their official website here @ https://www.rainmakerssa.com/
  2. Tab on the sign up page
  3. Fill in the form your details correctly as required.
  4. Click on register to finish the registration.
    What will eventually wow you is the welcome bonus, after a successful registration you will receive R200 as welcome bonus.

How do I register someone on rainmakerssa.com ?

Copy your referral link from your account dashboard and send to them, advise and also guide them to register through your referral link and input their correct details then you will receive a commission of R10 for each member that successful register through your link. And when your subordinate complete an order you will also get your commission for the order. Below are the available subordinates and their amount in percentage

  • Level 1 subordinate 100%
  • Level 2 subordinate 20%
  • Level 3 subordinate 10%

Once you invite like 20 subordinates and they successful complete the tasks and withdraw, you will automatically get your commission of R200.

rainmakers (rainmakerssa.com) VIP

Rainmakers has 10 different VIP levels. New registered members are automatically free VIP member and you have to unlock the other levels from VIP 2 to 10.
You might be wandering how to unlock these levels, be rest assured that I will explain everything for better understanding.
Each of the VIP levels has its own guarantee balance that is different from others, the system will automatically unlock this VIP level once the amount of your account balance gets to the guarantee balance as required to correspond to the VIP level.
To know more details about the benefits and requirements to unlock VIP level, click on each of the VIP levels you wish to know.

How do I login to my rainmakerssa.com account dashboard?

To login to your account dashboard you have to visit their official website @ htts://www.rainmakerssa.com/login and input your details like your registered phone number, password then click on the login button.
Probably, you forget your login details like your password, you have nothing to worry about just click on the link (forgot password) below the login area and it will redirect you to their customer care then you will fill out the form as required. It doesn’t take much of your time to do this and your login issue will be resolved in less than 10 minutes.

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Rainmakerssa.com is really legit or scam ?

Rainmakers Also Known As Rainmakerss.com is not 100% legit website, so it can be regarded as scam due to the fraudulent strategies Ponzi scheme websites are normally fond of.

Apparently, this rainmakerssa.com website we are deeply looking at happens to be one of them ( Ponzi scheme website ). Though no registered member has complained yet but is is not trustworthy.

About the CEO or Founder of the rainmakerssa.com ?

According to the findings we have we have carried out about the website owner on their website, no legit information has been gotten so far and the CEO or you can call it the founder of rainmakerssa.com is not found on their website. Definitely, there must be reason(s) that could make this person never wanted to reveal himself or herself, this alone can bear witness of what I earlier said about this website if it a scam or legit.

About the launching of rainmakerssa.com ?

Knowing when a platform was launched is very important, Rainmakerssa.com was launched early June 2021 according to our findings ( about the domain; rainmakerssa.com was registered on the 16th of June 2021 and it will be expired on the 16th of June 2022 ). Obviously this platform is still new and fresh but that does not mean it is legit.

How much do I make with rainmakerssa.com ?

The amount of money you can make on this website can not be predicted, it is just according to how effort and more serious you are.

How do I withdraw my money on rainmakerssa.com ?

Withdrawal on rainmakerssa.com is not absolutely a hard task. Once you have reached the minimum threshold, you can be able to withdraw the money to your bank account.
However, you can get commissions through subordinates only. You will get R10 from any subordinate you recruit to complete the task and withdraw money. So if you can be able to recruit 30 subordinates, you will get R300.

Conclusion on rainmakerssa.com

Rainmakerssa.com is not really legit, therefore, you are advised not to waste your time neither your money on rainmakers but you can give it a trial with what you can afford to loose.
We thrive to bring to our esteemed readers making money opportunities and how to go about it.
Note: Your safety is our priority!
Thank you once again for the time you spent in reading this article, please do us well by sharing this article as you have finished reading for the betterment of others to be guided.
If you have any question, complaint or suggestion base on this article or our website, we will be grateful to hear from you through the comment section.


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