Review ( is bonganigurru legit or scam, how it works, how to earn, login)?

Making money online has been the only way many people earn for a living, while many use this opportunity as another way to double their hustle. Some decided to create a website which will benefit them eventually, while the members (online hustler) who are working for them to attract more traffic to their website which is the tasks they are given to carry out in order to make money through it will gain nothing at last.
Unfortunately, some people are using this medium as a way of scamming people by creating fake websites, giving its members many tasks to perform and those that love income program may fall victim, which is making many individuals to loose interest in online income programs. We at ms-legit got to notice this trick which led us to do what we are doing to reduce the rate of scamming.
Apparently, we guide people in making perfect decisions in online income programs. Also, making them to understand how a certain platform is all about, giving them an authentic information and also enlightening them. So the reason why we are here today is to guide you on another online income called “” website. This website happens to be the most talk about platform in South Africa. Be rest assured that by the end of this article all your questions base on this platform will be answered correctly to your satisfactions, make sure you read this article carefully and never skip a single line for any line you skip may affect your understanding. Let’s get started properly!

What is ?

Bonganigurru also known as BG Trading is a new South African platform for trading and earning. As a new registered member, you will be given a welcome bonus of R100 which could enable you to start trading with it.
They claim to pay its members for trading with a certain amount of money then cash out more money as profit. This website is mainly for trading, so the more you trade the more money you make.

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How does work ?

Bonganigurru is mainly for trading, and this trading means using your real money that is the capital to get more money in return as profit. Also, they pay you a certain amount of money as a commission for any person you invite to the platform.

How do I make money with ?

To make money with bonganigurru is pretty easy but you must be a registered member first before you can start making money.
You can make money with bonganigurru in two ways which is by trading and referring. To trade means using your money that’s the capital to perform a task and get back hug amount of money as your profit, while referring means bring people to the platform to register through your referral link.

Who is the CEO or Founder of ?

We tried our possible best to make the owner of this platform known but nothing was found on their website.
We are still working on this, so be rest assured that once we find out who the CEO of bonganigurru is we will update this article as soon as possible.

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Where can I find ?

There is one one place can be found and that’s the internet. Just go to your phone browser and type their official website at
You will be taken straight to the website.

How do I sign up or register on ?

Registration procedure on bonganigurru is the simplest thing you could think of. For your proper guidance on how to register just follow the steps below

  1. Go to their official website at
  2. Click on the registration page
  3. Provide your details correctly in the space provided.
  4. Create a strong password that you can easily remember then click on the ‘registration’ button to finish your registration.

How do I sign in to my account dashboard?

Always visit their official website at for anything you wish to do. To login to your account dashboard, click on the login page and input your details like your phone number and password.
Human being is not a computer so u may forget your password. Don’t be bothered just click on the link “forgotten password” right below the login space, your issue will be resolved within 5 minutes.

How do I register someone on ?

This is the most frequently asked question due to the hug amount of money one could make through inviting people without stress.
However, you may like to make this money together with your friends and families, and by so doing you also have a certain amount of money as a commission for each person you invite to the platform through your referral link. Follow the guide below to get your referral link and also know how to register your prospects

  1. Login to your bonganigurru account dashboard
  2. Copy your referral link and share to your friends and families
  3. Convince them to register through your referral link. The way you registered yourself is the same way they will register, guide them through.
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Is scam or legit ?

Bonganigurru also known as BG Trading can be regarded as legit and not scam. It has been confirmed by registered members through their payment proof.
As we all know how these income programs always work, you are advised to register as earlier as you can before it gets fold up because they are paying for now and any moment from now the story will change definitely.

How do I withdraw my money on ?

You don’t have to bother about bonganigurru withdrawal because its withdrawal is very simple to carry out. Once you have reached a certain amount of money as profit after trading.
Below are the steps and guides on how to withdraw your money direct to your bank account.

  1. Login to your account dashboard
  2. Click on the withdrawal tab
  3. Input your Bank details correctly
  4. Click on the submit button to finish your withdrawal request.

Payment will be made within 24 hours, try to exercise patient.

Conclusion on

Here comes to an end of our bonganigurru review. The platform is still paying and legit for now, if you have interest in it then now is the right time to register. Because we don’t know what will happen in time to come.
Thanks to you all for making time in reading this article to the end, please do well by sharing this article for the benefit of those that have not heard about this platform (
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