How to get a moniepoint pos machine and its Charges Review in 2023

Moniepoint is one of the most reliable pos in town especially when it comes to network and charges. This moniepoint pos actually offers mouthwatering charges which mark it so reliable and unbeatable in the world of its competitors in Nigeria and again their customer care service is quite great to their agents and a good dashboard dedicated to resolving failed transactions.

There are two types of moniepoint pos machine which are the Android version and the analog type. They just started giving out to their agents wether you are a new or existing agent. Due to the high demand for moniepoint pos machine, getting one might be a little bit difficult.

How to get a moniepoint pos device?

Probably, you could be thinking on how to get this moniepoint pos device but you don’t really know how to go about it. You are on the right track because we will direct you on how to get it in this article.

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Login to their official website, if you wish to get a moniepoint pos machine. Make sure you fill in the form correctly with all the requirements as provided in the form. You must have an existing outlet in order to be qualified, rather you can even contact their aggregators, this would even be more faster than going long procedures on their website to sign up.

How much is moniepoint pos machine?

Unfortunately, moniepoint don’t sell out their pos machine rather they only lease them to their agents who can be able to meet their expected daily target of 100 to 150k and it could be given to their agents at affordable price of N30,000.

Moniepoint pos charges?

0.5%1000 to 19900
N100 flat20k to 1000000
Deposit N12 flatAny amount

Disadvantage of moniepoint pos machine

It’s quite unfortunate that moniepoint pos actually give to their agents a specific target. Therefore, before thinking of collecting pos machine from them, endeavor to read their terms and conditions first. Failure to meet their daily target would lead you to loose their machine. What this means is that the moniepoint pos machine will be retrieved from you.

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Moniepoint pos machine features

  • Fund Transfer
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Payment of Utility Bills
  • Instant Settlement

How to unlock moniepoint terminal?

Below are the steps to follow to unlock the pos;

  • Login to their official website at
  • Go to the profile of your agent
  • Provide your Moniepoint online password, you can find this for under Reset Authorization PIN.
  • Ensure to insert your preferred pin for the pos
  • Confirm your new pin
  • Click on save changes
  • A One Time Password (OPT) will be sent to you through your registered phone number
  • Input the opt correctly as received
  • Sign out and sign in again
  • Then, restart the terminal.

Note: their official website to login to your account dashboard is

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