Which banks easily give loans in Nigeria?

Commercial banks are usually known for their dogged nature in giving out loans to individuals without collateral. Therefore, this has built a reputation over the years, causing many to turn to microfinance banks, private lenders and other lending institutions. However, if you are pondering on the question, which banks easily give loans in Nigeria today, how to get a loans with no credit, or if there are any at all that do so, then you’re in the right place. We would be discussing just exactly that in this article.

Banks and the loan system in Nigeria

Just like we earlier said, most individuals have the mindset that commercial banks rarely give loans to commoners, and prefer high collateral loans. Well, this is in a way true, especially in the past. Banks prefer the less risky and most profitable option and can give you as much as you want, as long as you have assets that fit their description to use as collateral. Certainly, a larger percent of the population of Nigeria don’t have such luxury, and as a result, loan from banks was seen as difficult and even near impossible.

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However, today, commercial banks have developed a system that caters to both the lower class, middle and high class. Therefore, you can borrow as low as a few thousand Naira, to even millions of Naira. Today, there are banks that easily give loans in Nigeria, and we would be discussing them shortly.

Which banks easily give loans in Nigeria?

Some of the banks that easily give loans in Nigeria are:

Guaranty Trust Bank

Although one of the top banks in Nigeria, GTb offers a quick credit option that is easy to use and quite responsive. More so, you can get approval and the loan credited to your account within two hours of approval. The quick credit option has made GTb one of the banks that easily give loans in Nigeria.

Access Bank

Another top bank in Nigeria, the Access bank app offers an option for customers to easily obtain loans. Quick Bucks is the mobile app that makes this possible, and it’s as easy as downloading the app and obtaining a loan.

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First Bank

With over 10 million active customer account, First Bank is Nigeria’s premier commercial banks. They offer a platform for quick loans through the FirstEdu loan and other options which you can take advantage of as a customer.

United Bank for Africa (UBA)

UBA offers different options of quick loans, from personal overdraft that allows you to spend a little more than you have, to the “No Whala Loan” that easily get you extra cash to take care of bills that may suddenly arise.

Zenith Bank

Zenith is one of the Nigerian banks that offers a wide array of easily accessible loans to their customers. This includes SME loans, Import Finance Facility, Term Loans, Overdrafts and many more. Therefore, with Zenith bank, it’s a matter of choosing what you want.

Stabnic IBTC

This is a subsidiary of the Standard Bank Group in Nigeria, and they are one of the banks that offer easily accessible business and personal loans. Also, Stanbic IBTC is also one of the banks in Nigeria that will grant you a loan without requiring you to have a domiciled salary account.

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Fidelity Bank

The numerous accolades received by Fidelity bank is an expression of its commitment to supporting SMEs in Nigeria. The bank operates a Fidelity Easy Access Leasing Scheme (FEALS) that makes it easy for businesses and individuals to access loans.


The development of technology has made it possible for banks to now easily give out loans without all the paper works that usually take weeks. Therefore, you can easily and comfortably access loans from even the top banks in Nigeria. You can also see banks like Globus bank, Providus bank, Union bank and others for loan opportunities.

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