How to apply for a free pos machine/device in Nigeria

You would probably be asking if pos machine can be given for free in this present country (Nigeria)?. Honestly, this article will give you details on how to apply and get your own pos machine for free in Nigeria.

How To Get Free POS Machine?

Yes! POS machine is something you can possibly get without making any payment to anyone. You are expected to exercise enough patient due to the delay it may take on the process of getting the pos machine. It probably takes a rang from 1 to 3 months as it depends on the financial institution.

Steps needed to follow to get a free pos machine;

To get a free pos machine, below are some steps you are expected to take.

  • Visit any Bank of your preferred choice
  • Make a request for their agency banking form
  • Fill the form correctly with the requirements needed and submit
  • Once you have done this, you would be required to download their agency banking app on your smart phone before you are eligible to collect the pos machine
  • The agency app you download, will be used by them to access you and determine also quick you will receive the post machine.
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Features of the agency banking app

  • Careless withdrawal: with this app, you can be able to perform a careless withdrawal, although it depends on the agency banking app you are using as their user interface is absolutely different from other ones. Some of these user interface would require your ATM numbers which are to be used to generate tokens while some make use of just ussd code. Customers can make withdrawal from their Bank without using pos machine, although it’s pending the one will be assigned to you.
  • Bill payment: All sort of payments can be made through agency banking app ranging from buying of data, utility bills, booking of tickets and also cable subscription bills. Although it’s totally depends on the financial institution.

How long does it takes to get pos from bank?

Due to the high demand for it, it may take little time depending on the availability of the machine. When it comes to when you are planning to to use a Bank that you are not banking with, it might be a little bit difficult mist, as you are expected to pass through some certain series of steps before you will be attended to, eventually. But if you wish to start a financial institution agency banking then you might get it not more than a Month. Because they are to come to your outlet to advertise it to you, this can only happen if you are an existing agent with other banks. But the reversal is always for now agent that are just starting the business.

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How reliable is bank pos network?

Obviously, network wise is varies. Some of the banks pos in terms of network and customer service, they are very good while some are nothing to write home. Below are list of bank pos machines that are most recommended and reliable as a good network indeed.

Disadvantage of pos machine

When it comes to settlement of cash, fintech pos terminal give you instantly unlike for bank pos machines it is a different case. What this actually means is that in bank terminal, once any transaction process is being occurred it’s likely to settle one day after. This is also known as T + 1 where T means the date of the transaction while 1 means the next working day.

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