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It is no longer necessary to go around car insurance agencies to find good car cover.
Immediate subscription, advantageous rates for certain profiles. online car insurance is doing well with their 100% digital contracts. Decryption.

What is online car insurance?

Online car insurance has been shaking up the sector for several years. Would you consider insuring your vehicle online?

Brief definition of online car insurance

Whether you are driving in France or abroad, having a car insurance policy is essential.
This allows you to be covered and to receive compensation in the event of a car accident , claim and possible material damage or even, more seriously, bodily injury.

However, when it comes to car insurance, you can distinguish between

  • Traditional car insurance: major insurance players with a physical agency and employees who can support you on site;
  • Online car insurance: 100% digital, this car insurance is designed to make drivers more efficient. Signature of the car insurance contract, declaration of the car claim , request for documents. ll the procedures are carried out online, directly on the website of your car insurer, or by telephone.

Comparing car insurance

The difference between an online car insurance quote and online car insurance
Online vehicle insurance is an entity in its own right that deploys its car insurance activity in a dematerialized way ! It offers you its third-party, third-party plus or all-risk insurance contracts , but only on the Internet.

There is no agency. An online auto insurance quote is the simulation of your insurance contract and therefore the amount you will pay monthly and annually! The quote allows you to choose your car insurance in an informed way.

What is car insurance online? – It’s time to know what its is

Some online insurers have been playing the 100% digital card since their inception, such as Ornikar , Leocare , Luko, Wilov or Lovys , which present insurance contracts online only.
Other companies already benefited from an established notoriety in insurance and wanted to diversify thanks to online formulas as well.

This is the case of Direct Assurance , L’Olivier, Eurofil or Maif, for example.

How you can insure your car online quickly

The usefulness of the online car insurance comparator
Because online car insurance does not have physical agencies, it can be difficult to get an overview of the services available on the market.

By using an insurance comparator like , it is possible to very easily obtain a global vision of the players on the market and especially of their prices thanks to the searchable car insurance quotes.

As a driver, all you have to do is choose your car insurance at the best price , tailor-made and this, on the Internet.

Instant online car insurance

Thanks to the online simulation , the digital car insurance quotes will be presented to you on the comparator (or directly on the insurer’s website if that is your choice).
Thus, you can quickly take out a contract to protect your car in full knowledge of the facts.
First step: Complete the online form
The form will generate a contract simulation based on the information concerning the driver and his vehicle, namely

  1. The profile of the insured (age, date of obtaining the permit, place of residence, etc.)
  2. Driving history (bonus-malus coefficient , responsible claims, traffic violations, etc.)
  3. The vehicle to be insured (brand, date and value of purchase, power, etc.)
  4. The use of the vehicle (annual mileage, parking mode, etc.)

This information makes it possible to calculate tailor-made insurance rates based on the services offered by online car insurers.

Second step: the car insurance quote(s) is presented to you

Third step: you continue the process with the insurer who convinced you

After assessing the estimate, the future insured can choose to be called back by the desired insurance company (Allianz, Bonus 50 , Direct Assurance etc.)

for more information or finalize the contract directly on the website of the insurer.
All the information about you and your car is entered in the comparison form and then sent to the insurer so that the insured quickly benefits from the coverage of his choice, with no surprises in terms of price (in the event of error in the form, the price may however vary when the contract is taken out ).

Even if he will have at his disposal all the information necessary for the establishment of the contract, the insurer may ask you in addition:

  1. A copy of your gray card
  2. A copy of your driver’s license

Your information statement , if you have already been insured in the past.
After this step, you will certainly be asked for a first payment, an amount equivalent to one or two months of contribution.

Then, you will receive a temporary green card by email with a validity of thirty days.
You are therefore, following this process of immediate automobile insurance , holder of a contract! When your file is fully finalized, you will be notified by email and a final green card will be sent to you.

The benefits of online auto insurance

Insuring your car online: Is it cheaper than with traditional insurance?
Very often, yes! For an equivalent formula and guarantees, online auto insurance will in most cases be more attractive to you than conventional insurance (at the average cost of €528 in 2020 for third-party auto insurance according to our barometer, €596 for an intermediate formula and €715 for an all-risk formula).

This can be explained quite easily: without physical agencies, the costs linked to the management of premises and affiliated staff disappear.

Only the cost of the contract and your profile are taken into account.

Online car insurance – The right plan for certain profiles

By offering only dematerialized services, some online auto insurance companies are able to specialize in certain types of contracts, profiles or offers. In other words, access to insurance formulas is made more fluid for a larger public of drivers, the “good” drivers are not the only ones concerned.

Drivers with a high penalty or whose contract has been terminated (excessive claims, non-payment, etc.) can turn to these insurers to benefit from offers and options adapted to their profile, considered “at risk” by insurers traditional.

In the same way, young drivers can hope for higher compensation than with a traditional insurer by taking advantage of offers specific to them.

This lightens the bill for the first years of driving.

Online insurers offer specific offers for certain types of drivers. This is the case, for example, with temporary car insurance, to cover a car for a short period, or the type of  “pay how you drive” offer, which offers a rate modulated according to the quality of driving of the vehicle. assured.

Direct subscription, equivalent guarantees: The advantages of online car insurance

Because they offer entirely dematerialized services, online car insurance generally has more flexible services than traditional insurers, including:
Subscription possible directly online or by phone. As soon as the quote is provided, it is possible to send the mandatory documents directly by email, thus speeding up the subscription process.

Immediate subscription in the event of the purchase of a new vehicle.

The insured person only has to call the insurer online before getting behind the wheel and benefits from coverage from the first minute of using his car.

With car guarantees and equivalent options, online car insurance generally offers more advantageous rates than traditional insurers for certain specific profiles.

Summary table of the advantages of online car insurance

  1. Price
  2. Simplified subscription
  3. Immediate car insurance option
  4. Quick online comparison
  5. 100% dematerialized agency, no costs related to premises or intermediary commission

More advantageous for terminated profiles

1. Time saving

Possibility of subscribing in a few minutes online or by telephone, at any time with a quote available

2. Simple process

Documents to be sent by email.

As soon as your car is purchased, you are insured in a few clicks and can drive the new vehicle
Your criteria and your budget entered, the quotes are generated and compared in a few minutes

The best car insurance online

As is the case with traditional car insurance, you have the choice between different formulas, deploying specific car guarantees according to your driver profile. It’s up to you to figure out which one best suits your situation:

1. Third-party insurance

This is the minimum basic formula, which mainly includes civil liability cover . It therefore covers claims that you may cause to a third party in a car accident.

Third-party insurance includes a “ driver protection” guarantee , intended to cover your bodily injury if you are the victim of an accident, but also “ legal protection”, useful in the event of a dispute or legal proceedings;
Civil liability, as a reminder, is mandatory as soon as you own a car.

2. Third-party plus insurance

This is median insurance, which includes more car guarantees than third-party insurance. It will in particular cover car theft or fire problems.
It’s up to you to personalize this car insurance formula even more to add the glass breakage option (useful in the event of a vandalized windshield) or even breakdown assistance (direct intervention by a professional in the event of a breakdown, obtaining a replacement vehicle).

3. All-risk insurance

This is the most expensive formula because it is the most comprehensive for drivers. To the civil liability, you add the coverage of bodily injury, material damage and this, even in the event of liability for the disaster.
Now, let’s talk about the car insurance bill

Car insurance bill

Question1. Is it easy to cancel car insurance online?

Know first of all that the withdrawal period for online car insurance does not exist! If it is 15 days with a traditional insurer, there is none for an online vehicle insurer.

In other words, if you quickly change your mind about the formula to which you have subscribed, you must have checked the conditions beforehand. Remember to ask your insurer if you call before starting your subscription.

According to the Chatel law, your insurer must necessarily warn you of your possibility of termination as the anniversary date of your contract approaches: a notice of one or two months depending on the general conditions of your subscription.

However, in accordance with the Hamon law, if your contract dates back more than 12 months , you can change car insurance at any time.
In any case, you will need to send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to your insurer, mentioning:

  1. Your wish
  2.  Your precise references
  3. The date of the contract
  4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s different between classic car insurance and online car insurance

Conventional car insurance has physical agencies, while online car insurance works only via the Internet or by telephone, in a dematerialized manner.

This is the only difference between the two, because the service offered is the same: the guarantee of your protection and that of your car, as well as potential compensation, in the event of an accident.
Now, let’s talk about why you should by auto insurance online

Why buy auto insurance online

Buying car insurance online is quick and easy. No need to travel, everything can be done directly on the Internet or by telephone.

You will find the same services as with classic car insurance: Third-party insurance, third-party plus insurance, all-risk insurance.
You can even submit the documents needed to complete your contract online. In addition, with online car insurance, you can sometimes benefit from more attractive rates, since these insurers have fewer costs to manage due to the absence of agencies.
Now, it’s time to clear your mind about some myth or negativity about online car insurance purchase.

Is buying car insurance online dangerous?

No, buying car insurance online is not dangerous. Insurers who offer online contracts have secure sites.
The level of security is therefore exactly the same as in the case of a subscription to conventional car insurance.

The cheapest car insurance online

There is no real good answer to this question because the cheapest online auto insurance will strongly depend on your driver profile but also on your vehicle and the guarantees you wish to subscribe to! In other words, your contract only looks like you.
Do not hesitate to compare the quotes to get an idea.

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