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Have you been searching for Sobuy vip,, login, registration, Sobuy vip login or sign in or you need to know how Sobuy vip ( works? Then this post is for you.

Many of online money makers still believe that it’s impossible to make money online and some are even wandering seeing you holding phones daily without knowing what you are doing. Some thinks you are wasting your time instead of finding physical jobs you can do. This is something we are all victims of. Well the world is changing and technology is advancing to next levels. 

Actually the Five most richest people in the world who are Elon musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, mark Zuckerberg and finally Jack ma of Alibaba all depends on online money to make a living. This people are worth more than $910 billion. 

Welcome to or sobuy  new get paid to do quiz platform launched for South africans

So use this as a motivation that online money is an immense opportunity for those that knows how it works. Well enough of the talking and motivation. Let get to why you are here. You want to know what is or sobuy  or or sobuy   platform all about. Presentation. How it works and many more. Once again thanks for following.

DISCLAIMER: We are not in any way affiliated with, hence this review is based on honesty and broad insight.

Lets get started properly…

What is ? is a South African base online plaftorm that allows you earn money by performing daily tasks on their website and also inviting friends through your unique referral link and investing as a pyramid scheme. is also available in nigeria. 

Each member is entitled to earn certain amount depending on their subscription plan and deposit/recharge on the platform. The higher your VIP plan, the higher the commissions you will earn when you carry out a task.

Kindly go through this article to know more about Sobuy including the following subtopics: Is legit? “Is scam? register, withdrawal, Sobuy vip sign up, Sobuy vip login and more.

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How does work ? works like any other online platform that pays you for performing some daily tasks.

All required from you is to register or sign up on the platform and select a Sobuy VIP plan, recharge on the platform to your preferred VIP plan.

You can then begin carrying out tasks and earning commissions, the higher your plan, the higher your commissions will be, You will earn extra commissions for each referral that registers through your link.

How to make money on ?

Well. Making money on this or sobuy  might seems quiteky significant as it is like a ponzi scheme as we normally suggest or review. This platform can help you make money by inviting friends through your or sobuy referral link, doing activities such as spins, quiz. your friends will earn money instant registration bonus once they join through your linkwork

Who is the CEO or Founder of ?

Knowing the owner of any platform you wish to join before taking action is very necessary. Therefore, we have done many research to make sure the CEO of is made known to everyone. But unfortunately, we found out that the CEO of website decided to keep his or her identity secret. For some reasons better Known by him or her.

Definitely, in the future we discover the owner of the platform, this article will be updated immediately.

When was launched ?

This is another important information you should know before joining a certain platform. However, the launching date of was not found on their website but we will still try our best to expose the date in this article once noticed.

However, we strongly believe that it was launched on December, 2021. Since it’s a recently launched platform.

Where can I find ?

Definitely, when you hear online income program the first thing to come into your mind is the internet. Therefore, is found only on the internet through Google search or type their official website on your phone browser ( membership plans

This platform has many membership plans or packages plans as per our own point of view. You can’t deposit on or sobuy  and  start earning. or sobuy  is base in South Africa and sobuy is available to download on for South africans users.

Sobuy VIP allows you earn more depending on your vip plan. The higher the plan the more commission you earn both on the daily tasks and referral program. In this article we’ve compiled all the plans on Sobuy which includes the following VIP plans:


Daily tasks: 10
Per order AUD 1.00
Daily profit: AUD 10
Monthly income: AUD 300

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Daily tasks: 10
Per order: AUD 1.50
Daily profit: AUD 15
Monthly income: AUD 450


Daily tasks: 15
Per order: AUD 3.00
Daily profit: AUD 45
Monthly income: AUD 1350


Daily tasks: 20
Per order: AUD 6.50
Daily profit: AUD 130
Monthly income: AUD 3900


Daily tasks: 25
Per order: AUD 16.00
Daily profit: AUD 400
Monthly income: AUD 12000

How much can I make with ?

Although I can’t say exactly how much you will be able to make on this website. It can be a dream come through if you are able to make even 6000 rands on this site with or sobuy  investment strategies or referral methods. but nevertheless this might be or not scam website that was founded to make money from your efforts via your hard-earned investment.

How do I sign up or register on ?

For your proper guidance on how to register on, follow the steps below;

  • CLICK HERE to visit their official REGISTER Page
  • Fill in the blank spaces required your details such as your phone number, verification code, referral code and a strong password.
  • Click on the REGISTER button to finish your registration process.

How do I register someone on ? offers commission for inviting your friends and family just like any other online platform. All you’ve to do is to send your unique referral link to friends in forums or on social media platforms.

Definitely, you will like to register your friends and families in order to accumulate fast and cashout. Therefore, you must not want to loose your referral bonus when registering your friends.

Follow the steps below for proper guidance;

  • Login to your account dashboard and copy your referral link
  • Logout and clear your browser data, then paste it or send to your friends
  • Input their correct details just as you registered yourself.
  • After everything, click on the REGISTER button to finish the Registeration.

After a successful registration, you will receive a certain amount as your commission bonus. The more people you refer the more money you make.

How do I login to my account dashboard ?

To login to your account, follow the steps below;

  • CLICK HERE and you will be taking to their official website
  • Input your phone number and password
  • Finally click on the “login” button

How to invite your people on ?

Post your referral link to social media, such as facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also post your referral link

Share to Whatsapp group, Messenger group, Telegram group

When your friend clicks on your referral link and sign up, you get one referrer, and you get extra rewards

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There are a lot of ways promoting your referral link. You can provide your unique referral link to your friends during personal communication, emails, messengers chats, etc. You can also create a banner or text advertising campaigns (of course you should obey the advertising system rules). You can post your links in different kinds of investment-related chats, groups and forums. You can use any other king of promotions. withdrawal ?

Once you have reached the minimum withdrawal threshold on Sobuy, you can request for withdrawal by providing the required details like your bank name, bank account number and more. app or apk download

The Sobuy vip app apk is available for download on the official Sobuy website at kindly follow the above link to download the app or apk for android.

Is legit ? is a very new platform, it only launched in December 2021, which is few weeks ago as of time of writing this article, so it is far too early to determine if it is legit or scam.

It has not been verified if is legit because we have not
seen any payment proof neither have we heard of any fraudulent act from this platform.

Do you know if this platform is legit as at the time you are reading this article? Please drop a comment below for all to see and know more about this platform.

There is no online business without risk, so if you do decide to invest in this platform, make sure you do so with money you can afford to lose.

Is scam ? is a very new platform. Without being bias I will say my honest opinion is that this platform is not a scam and not legit as the domain was founded many years ago. Do not invest your money into or sobuy it will might pay or not pay because they might crash anytime.

Conclusion on reviews

After a thorough review and research on the platform, we found out that they’re not reliable, as we cannot recommend anyone to rely on any platform on the internet afterall. Platforms like this don’t last so we strongly advise you to invest wisely.

However, model is very lucrative but how they get their income is a ponzi scheme method.

We recommend that a platform should be transparent and include the name of the owner with a strong social media backup despite they’re newly launched platform.

Final verdict is neither legit nor Scam. might be paying for a while but might end up soon just like the likes of tunegaga, Ryzex and more.
So many people hope to find a passive income but in most cases ended up crashing due to the inability to pay members.

In this article, we at #ms-legit have shared with you all you need to know about including the following: Sobuy vip,, login, registration, Sobuy vip login or sign in or you need to know how Sobuy vip ( works? and more.

If you’ve any question or suggestion, kindly drop your comment below.

Thanks for reading this article to the end, we look forward to seeing you safe and guided.

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