How To Pass WAEC In One Sitting

In this article, we #ms-legit will show you the steps a good student should take to write WAEC in one sitting which lot of WAEC candidates have tested and confirmed. If you have been searching for how to pass WAEC in one sitting, how to pass waec with good grades, then consider yourself lucky as you are on the right track because everything about how to pass waec in one sitting will be given to you in this article.

Many WAEC Candidates, keep wondering why people fail WAEC in school.

This article will not just answer that question, but give you steps to take.

Full meaning of WAEC – West African Examination Council.


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WAEC is method brought to secondary schools to test student knowledge.

It is also brought to give student certificate to further their education.

Many people have failed WAEC which discouraged them from furthering their education.

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If you’re a candidate you need to read this article on How To Pass WAEC In One Sitting.

How To Pass WAEC In One Sitting

  • Read books everyday and set Reading timetable for different subjects:

This is the most important step to take, if you want to write WAEC in one sitting. As a WAEC Candidate you must read your books digellently. 

Always set a reading timetable that will guide you till your done with the exams. You can set Mathematics to be on a Monday. Then set English on a Friday everyweek.

Don’t Read few books but all books and subjected related to WAEC examination.

When you Read books everyday it tend to stick to your memory.

Continue reading this article to see more steps.

  • Read WAEC past exam questions:

Always read past questions, that’s exams written by the previous years.

WAEC Candidates should buy many past questions especially mathematics.

This will guide you and make you write WAEC in one sitting.

Most times WAEC exam questions are repeated. That is why is advised to study all the subjects past questions. 

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Don’t just know all the answers to the questions but also know the questions asked.

This particular step will help you in writing questions repeated on the examination day.

  • Know How to Solve Mathematics essay questions in WAEC:

This might look similar to the 2nd step but different. 

Normally WAEC gives 10 essay questions in mathematics.

When you fail 7 you might or will fail the subject.

It is important to solve and have the knowledge of Mathematics before the day.

Solve questions from different Mathematics textbook. 

Also Learn how to solve equations which will be seen on the WAEC eams Mathematics questions.

  • Don’t Carry Things That Might Implicate You:

As a WAEC Candidate don’t carry anything that looks against the rules of WAEC.

Most times Candidates carry phones, papers etc that may be against the Rule of WAEC.

If you’re a candidate, don’t involve yourself in that. 

If you do it might be total failure and you might come back next year.

  • Pray Before You Start:
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Always remember to pray before you start the examination.

Pray helps in so many ways 

It will help God come to your aid 

It will give you sharp memory

It will remove anxiety 

  • Remove Fear In WAEC Examination:

Don’t come into the hall with fear when writing WAEC examination.

Fear will make you forget what you read.

When you Fear it will make you see yourself as a failure.

Come to hall with boldness looking at WAEC as nothing so hard.


We #ms-legit have shared with you the steps on how to pass WAEC in one sitting.

WAEC examination is not hard except you were not serious.

Questions set in WAEC exams, are things student learnt.

All subjects are not difficult if you read them very well.

You can pass WAEC in one sitting just try all the steps we #ms-legit have shared with you and see.

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