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Hi, online hustlers, you are welcome back again to another legit making money guide. As we all know that Christmas is fast approaching. Many people are going extra miles to make sure more money is been made. Therefore, fraudsters are using this opportunity to create fake websites in order to deceive people online.
We at ms-legit are always here to guide you through on online income programs. You are advised to make proper findings of any platform you wish to join before taking action.
Today, we are here to give you proper guidance on another online income program called “”. This platform happens to be the most talked about platform because it’s a newly launched platform. If you are always on social media then you must have heard of this platform. And probably, you wish to join but don’t really know how to get started or you are hearing this for the first time. Take enough time and go through this article to the end. Make sure you skip no sentence because the content of each of the sentences is authentic.
Be rest assured that all your frequently asked questions base on this platform will be answered correctly to your satisfaction. Keep reading!

What is ? is just a social media earning platform.
They claim to provide with people the opportunity to take advantage of the internet and convert it a way of making more money just by performing some simple activities online.

According to the website, cashearnerz is owned and controlled by a well experienced team of entrepreneurs, with the motive of creating a means by which people with the interest of making cool cash online can also learn entrepreneurship skills or digital skills and by so doing also making passive income.

How does work ?

Cashearnerz claims to provide people with opportunity to take advantage of the internet and make passive income online.
No skills needed, no stress attached. With your smart phone or laptop, you are all set.

How do I make money on ?

To make money on, you must be a registered member by paying a one time registration fee of N2,000. Once you have successfully registered, you will start making money in the following ways.

  • Welcome bonus: Once you have completed your registration process, you will automatically receive N1200 as your welcome bonus.
  • Referral bonus: Any person you invite to the platform, you will have a commission of N1,300 each.
  • Daily login bonus: Once you login to your account dashboard for the first time in a day, N100 will be added to your balance automatically
  • Sharing of Sponsored post: There is a certain post that normally appears on the website differently every day. Once you shared it on social media you will receive N100
  • Reading of News: Each news you read on the website will earn you N10 automatically.
  • Commenting: Any relevant comment you make on any of the posts on the website will give you the right to claim N10 each.
  • Clicking of posts: Once you click on any posts on the website, you will receive N5 instantly.
  • Spill Over Earning: N500
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Who can be a member on ?

Fortunately, anyone can be a member on cashearnerz as long as you have either smart phone or laptop or any device that have access to the internet to enable you perform your daily tasks on the website, you are good to go as they accept membership from any part of the world. Registeration Fees ?

To register on cashearnerz, You Need to offer a token of N2000 which is the one time registration fee. No hidden fees attached.

Can I get paid without referral on ?

Yes! Cashearnerz claims to pay its members with or without referral as referral is completely optional.

If you don’t have any referrals, then you can make money through other means which are by performing different tasks on their site such as sharing of sponsored posts, chatting, commenting on posts, reading of news and many more

Can I get paid without sharing sponsored post on ?

No! You can’t get paid without sharing the sponsored posts except Affiliate Earners only.

Why should I join ?

Many people must have been asking such question. Therefore, we at ms-legit have come to make everything known to our readers. Below are the reasons you may join cashearnerz.

  • Cashearnerz serves as a dependable and stable  source of income for its members
  • Weekly payments guaranteed for all registered and active members
  • Cashearnerz claims to offer a free e-book that explains how to make over 100k weekly on their website
  • Cashearnerz also claims to provide its members with the opportunity to learn the minimum of six (6) entrepreneurship skills worth over N49,999 just for free
  • An avenue  to make cool cash online using your smartphone while performing some simple tasks.

Where can I find ?

Definitely, when you hear online income program the first thing to come into your mind is the internet. Therefore, is found only on the internet through Google search or by typing their official website on your phone browser (

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How do I sign up or register on ?

Registeration on cashearnerz is pretty easy. Follow the guides below to get started;

  • Go to their official website at
  • Tab on the navigation key and click on “Buy coupon code”
  • Contact any of the coupon code vendors through WhatsApp and make payment of N2,000 to get your coupon code.
  • Once you have purchased the coupon code, go back to the site and click on the “Register” page
  • Input your details correctly such as your full name, username, email address, phone number, provide a strong password that you can easily remember then confirm it and insert the coupon code you purchased.
  • Click on the sign up button to finish your registration.
    Boom! You are a member.

How do I login to my account dashboard ?

Everything about cashearnerz is simply, especially how to login

  • Go to their official website and click on the sign in page
  • Input your username and password
  • Click on the sign in button

How do I register someone on ?

This is the most interesting part of any income program due to the way of making more money in this aspect. For any prospects you bring to the platform you automatically have a commission, so follow the steps below in order not to loose your commission when registering a prospect.

  • First contact any of the verified coupon code vendors on their website to purchase a coupon code
  • login to your account dashboard and copy your referral link, then logout
  • Clear your browser data and paste it or send it to your prospects or you can past on social media to have more prospects
  • Input your prospect’s details correctly just as you registered yourself. In case you send your referral link to them, encourage them to register through your link
  • Click on the sign up button to finish the Registration.
    Once a registration is successfully completed, you will receive your bonus of N1,300.

How do I share sponsored post on ?

For proper guidance on how to share sponsored post on cashearnerz correctly, follow the steps below;

  • Login to your account dashboard and click on the “sponsored post” page
  • Then, click on the sponsored post for the day. For instance, sponsored post for 2nd of November 2021
  • Download the image on the page
  • Scroll up to the top of your phone browser and copy the URL or link of the page.
  • Go to your Facebook timeline and paste the copied link and upload the image you downloaded, then post
  • After you have shared the sponsored post, go back to the website and refresh your dashboard. N100 will be added to your earnings automatically.
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Note: make sure your post is being posted as public in order to be qualified for payment because your Facebook timeline will be verified on payment day.
Sponsored post must not be edited or mistaken and it must be corresponded with the date of the day.

When was launched ?

Knowing when a certain platform was launched before joining is a good idea, that’s why we have gone through their website thoroughly to make the date cashearnerz was launched known to our readers.
Fortunately, we found out that cashearnerz was according to their website launched on the 18th of September, 2021 by unkown person.

Who is the CEO or Founder of ?

The owner of the platform decided to keep its identity secret, reasons better Known by him or her. We at ms-legit have tried our best in finding what the owner is all about but no legit information was gotten from their website.

However, in the future we discover the owner of the website, this article will be updated immediately. outstanding features

  • All registered members get to withdraw daily depending on the number of prospects they bring to the platform or according to their CAPZ which is (Cashearnerz Activity Points) on the site.
  • All members of cashearnerz are allowed to make the minimum of N5,000 weekly just for Being The Highest Affiliate Earner.
  • Also, all registered members of cashearnerz can get access to the Business Training MasterClass on as listed below;

  1. Soap making MasterClass
  2. Affiliate Marketing MasterClass
  3. Forex Trading MasterClass
  4. Graphic Design MasterClass
  5. Mini Importation MasterClass
  6. Crypto Training MasterClass

Is Legit ?

Obviously, cashearnerz is a newly launched platform just a Month old as of the of writing this article. Therefore, It is too early to tag it as legit or not.

However, its features seem to be real as the means of making money is unlimited. Although, the CEO of the website is not known, the Registeration fee is N2,000 which is very high and not encouraging.

Is scam ?

Cashearnerz can not be regarded as scam as no bad report yet from registered members. So, you can determine if its worth joining or not.

How do I withdraw my money on ?

Withdrawal on cashearnerz is quite easy to carry out for both Affiliate Earners and non-referral earners.

Affiliate Earners: Once you have registered at least 3 people to the platform through your referral link which will earn you N3,900. You are qualified to make withdrawal at any time and any day.

Non-referral earners: If you have not registered anybody to the platform, then you can only apply for withdrawal when you have reached the minimum threshold which is 10,000 CAPZ ( Cashearnerz Activities Points). The withdrawal portal is open once in a month (25th of every month).

Summary of ?

  • Registeration Fee: N2,000
  • Referral Bonus: N1,300
  • Welcome bonus: N1,200
  • Daily Login: N100
  • Reading of news: N10 each
  • Commenting: N10 each
  • Clicking of posts: N5 each
  • Sharing of sponsored post: N100
  • SpillOver earnings: N500
  • Daily withdrawal for Affiliate Earners and Monthly withdrawal for non-referral earners
  • N5,000 will be rewarded for the Highest Affiliate Earners

Many more…

Conclusion on ?

Thanks for your time spent in reading this article to the end. We thrive to bring you making money guides.

Before leaving this page ensure to drop a comment below. If you are a registered member of cashearnerz, please do well to share with us your experience.


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