Zbiger Reviews: Is zbiger.com legit or scam? Find out now!!

Hi, online hustlers, you are welcome back to another in-depth making money guide. Obviously, we all know that Christmas is fast approaching. Many people are going extra miles to make sure they make more money before the Christmas period. Therefore, fraudsters are using this opportunity to create fake websites in order to deceive people online.
We at ms-legit are always here to guide you thoroughly on online income programs. You are ensured to make proper findings on any platform you wish to join before taking action.

Today, we are here to give you proper guidance on another online income program called “zbiger.com”. This platform happens to be the most talked about platform because it’s newly launched.

Taking a good look at this platform is a dangerous platform that is ready to scam inexperienced investors who are interested in making passive income online. Lots of people are interested in the popular niche especially on how to make money online.

Apparently, making money online has been one of the best and easiest ways of making some cool cash but the internet is surrounding by frauds. Almost every passing day lots of scam platforms are launch on the internet, intentionally, looking for rookie (inexperienced) investors that will be a victim to them.

What is zbiger.com ?

Zbiger is an online platform that claims to offer free earning opportunities to all her registered members with at least N1.9 commission when they complete a task on their website. As a newly registered member, N300 will be rewarded to you automatically as a welcome bonus and to be used to earn N1.9 once you have completed a certain task.

All newly registered member must subscribe to the first bundle which is Market A, then they are qualified to execute their task to earn a commission. The free welcome bonus rewarded to you can only be used to accumulate N20 when you have completed the 11 tasks as your maximum tasks to perform daily.

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The platform has many plans or packages that members are allowed to upgrade to in order to earn a commission daily. Actually, the higher the plan members upgrade to the higher they earn.

How does zbiger.com work ?

The platform zbiger.com rewards N300 to all newly registered members as welcome bonus which can be used to perform a certain task on their website and earn a commission. Members earn a commission of N1.9 for each of the task the members complete.

Members are allowed to subscribe for their first bundle which is Market A to enable them activate your tasks. The platform offer many plans or packages that members can upgrade to in order to earn more commission.

The platform claims to pay its members for performing some simple tasks on their website such as investing/recharging and inviting people to the platform. The maximum of 11 tasks to perform inclusive to all the plans, the minimum amount to Recharge is N4,000 while the minimum threshold for withdrawal is N1,500 and 8% will be charged for every withdrawal you make.

How to make money on zbiger.com ?

Making money on zbiger.com is pretty easy but bear in mind that you must be a registered member first to enable you make money on the website. Immediately after registeration, you are allowed to start earning in two ways which are; by performing some simple tasks on the website and inviting of friends.

Performing of tasks: This means of making money by performing tasks on their website are limited inclusive to all the plans. The maximum of 11 tasks to perform daily.

Referral: When you invite your friends to join the platform through your referral link, you will receive a certain amount as your commission bonus. With just your referral link, you will be making more money. For instance, you register 10 active members, you will be rewarded N1,500 bonus. Also you could earn 8% for first level deposit and same thing applicable to the second level deposit. For each of the tasks your referral complete, will earn you 4%.

Available plans or packages on zbiger.com ?

Market A

  • Amount to Invest/Recharge – N300
  • Daily earning – N20
  • Daily tasks – 11

Market B

  • Amount to Invest/Recharge – 4000 naira
  • Daily earning – 300
  • Daily tasks – 11
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Market C

  • Amount to Invest/Recharge – N14000
  • Daily earning – N1800
  • Daily tasks – 11

Market D

  • Amount to Invest/Recharge – 20000
  • Daily earning – 2700
  • Daily tasks – 11

Market E

  • Amount to Invest/Recharge – N30000
  • Daily earning – N3500
  • Daily tasks – 11

Market F

  • Amount to Invest/Recharge – N50000
  • Daily earning – N4600
  • Daily tasks – 11

Market G

  • Amount to Invest/Recharge – N100000
  • Daily earning – N6700
  • Daily tasks – 11

Market H

  • Amount to Invest/Recharge – N200000
  • Daily earning – N9780
  • Daily tasks – 11

Market I

  • Amount to Invest/Recharge – N300000
  • Daily earning – N15950
  • Daily tasks – 11

Market J

  • Amount to Invest/Recharge – N500000
  • Daily earning – N29750
  • Daily tasks – 11

Market K

  • Amount to Invest/Recharge – N650000
  • Daily earning – N41660
  • Daily tasks – 11

How do I invest or recharge my zbiger.com account ?

To invest or recharge your account, there are two simple methods you are allowed to invest or recharge your account which are by mobile transfer or ATM payment. If you wish to invest or recharge your account through a mobile transfer then you have to transfer the amount of money you are recharging to the account detail on their website. While if you wish to make payment through your ATM, then you have to use your ATM card’s details to make your payment. That’s all!

Who is the CEO or Founder of zbiger.com ?

We tried making findings about the CEO or the Founder of zbiger.com website, but its quite unfortunate that we were unable to find it on their website. For some reasons better Known by him or her to keep its identity secret. However, the website is not related to any existing website, which mark the website as anonymous because the owner of the website is unknown.

When was zbiger.com launched ?

According to our findings on their website, we discovered that zbiger.com was launched on the 25th of September, 2021.

Is zbiger.com legit ?

Obviously, the platform is still new. Therefore, it can not be considered as legit yet because no payment proof, although no bad report from registered members but the fact that the website is like that of a ponzi scheme, it might likely to crash at any time whenever they have made enough money from it.

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Is zbiger.com scam ?

The fact that you must invest before getting paid marks the platform to be scam because it’s not advisable to invest on online income programs. Again, the platform is just a month old as of the day of writing this article.
However, they might likely pay its members for now to gain trust. And if you wish to register, always invest what you can afford to loose.

How do I sign up or register on zbiger.com ?

To be a member of zbiger is pretty easy. To get started? Follow the guides below;

  1. Visit their official website at www.zbiger.com
  2. Tab on the navigation key and select the register page
  3. Input your details correctly such as your full name, email address and password, then insert your referral code if any
  4. Click on the register button to finish your registration.

How do I register someone on zbiger.com ?

This is the most easiest way to make more money because with just your referral link you are accumulating your earning. So, you must not want to loose this offer, therefore follow the guides we have arranged for you below;

  1. Login to your account dashboard and copy your referral link
  2. Clear your browser data and paste it or send it to your prospects
  3. Input their correct details and click on the Register button.

Take note of the following;

  • If you invite like 10 active members, you will be rewarded with N1,500
  • You invite 20 active members to get N2,500
  • You invite 50 active members to get N6,000
  • You invite 100 active members to get N15,000.

Once you have reached any of the above mentioned chances, contact their customer care to claim your prize.

How do I sign in or login to my zbiger.com account dashboard ?

Follow the steps below;

  1. Visit their official website at www.zbiger.com
  2. Tab on the navigation key and select the login page
  3. Input your registered email address and password
  4. Click on the login button

How do I withdraw my money on zbiger.com ?

To be qualified to make withdrawal on zbiger.com. You have to invite some certain amount of members to the platform and you must have accumulated the minimum threshold approved on the website. Then you can proceed by placing withdrawal by heading to your account dashboard and click on the withdrawal button, input your details correctly. Expect payment in a short while through your bank account. Withdrawal days are from Monday to Friday.

Conclusion on zbiger.com ?

Thanks for stopping by to read our article to the end. The motive behind this review is for the benefit of inexperienced investors to know what exactly this platform all about before taking final decision. We hope you find this article helpful? If yes drop a comment and if no also drop a comment in the comment section before leaving this page. Thanks once again!

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