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Hi, our beloved readers, we at ms-legit are glad to welcome you back to another legit making money guide. As we all know when it comes to making money guide, we give authentic informations about a specific online income platform and we are likely go deeply in various aspects to make sure you as a person would be able to make a proper decision. Here comes another online income program called which would be explained properly in this article for the benefit of our readers.
Be rest assured that all your questions will be answered correctly to your satisfaction, you are expected to read this article to the end with enough concentration and never skip a line due to the authentic informations each of the sentence contain because we give correct informations base on what was seen on their website. Without wasting much of your time, let go straight to why we are here.

What is ? is an online income platform that is supported in South Africa only and it works collaboratively with jumia shopping mail, whose motive is to make the lives of the young ones (youths) more easier so they could be able to provide their daily needs with the help of their smart phones. website and its features are very interested, they work so hard to make their members gain their trust. Registration is free and you also receive a welcome bonus of R300 and free 12 takes to carry out immediately after registration.

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How does work? and jumia work collaboratively due to the similarities in them, jumia is a popular shopping mail everyone know about, the platform is just the same as jumia even their withdrawal is sent by share-za jumia.

How do I make money with ?

how do I make money with share-za

Making money with website is quite easy, you have to be a registered member before you can start making money on their website in many ways.
Once you become a registered member of, you will receive a welcome bonus of R300 and you are allowed to perform the minimum of ten (10) tasks daily to accumulate and earn some cash. You can also make more money by inviting people to the website through your referral link.

Available VIP plans in ? has eight (8) plans which work differently, these plans include as follows; aliexpress, allegro, zando, ebay, mercadolibre, amazon, jumia, alibaba.

  • VIP 1 – Balance: R300, 12 tasks daily.
  • VIP 2 – Balance: R700, 14 tasks daily Earn 25 to 30 daily.
  • VIP 3 – Balance: R1800, 16 tasks daily, Earn 80 to 90 daily.
  • VIP 4 – Balance: R4600, 18 tasks daily, Earn 240 to 250 daily.
  • 5.VIP 5 – Balance: R20000, 20 tasks daily, Earn 1100 to 1200 daily.
  • VIP 6 – Balance: R50000, 22 tasks daily, Earn 3000 to 3300 daily.
  • VIP 7 – Balance: R100,000, 30 tasks daily, Earn 9500 – 10500 daily.
  • VIP 8 – Balance: R200,000, 30 tasks, Earn 23,000 – 24,000 daily.

How do I sign up or register on ?

For proper guidance on how to register on share-za follow the steps below

  1. Visit their official website at
  2. Tab on the navigation key and select register
  3. Fill in the form correctly with your details such as your full name, phone number, password, transaction password, then continue by clicking on the send button to receive your OTP directly to your phone.
  4. Input the OTP you have received in the space provided then click on the submit button to finish your registration.
    You are fully set!
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Where do I find ?

The only place you can find this platform (share-za) is on the internet. Go to your phone browser and type you will be taken to their official website directly.

How do I login to my account ?

To login to your account is quite simple just follow the steps below

  1. Go to their official website at
  2. Tab on the navigation key and select login
  3. Input your registered phone number and password, then click on the login button.
    That’s all! Incase you forget your password, don’t bother just click on the forgotten password button below the login area and follow the steps to resolve your issue.

How do I register someone on ?

This is another easiest way to make more money with share-za. Each prospect you bring to the platform through your referral link and complete the tasks, you will have a certain commission return rate such as 6%, 3% and 1% respectively.
For instance, you register Mr Obi and he completes the task, you will receive 6% as your commission. If Mr Obi registers Mr John and Mr John completes the task, you will receive 3% as your commission. Also, if Mr John registers Sister Joy and sister Joy completes the task, you will receive 1% as your commission. Am sure you understand, but if you don’t understand check below

You register Mr Obi and he completes the task and earn R10,000 you will get R600, Mr John completes the task and earn R10,000 you will get R300, again if sister Joy completes the task and earn R10,000 you will get R100.

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Am sure you have understand better.

Apparently, this is amazing and less stressful. Now let’s discuss how to get this offer without mistakes.

To get your referral link

  1. Visit their official website at, click on the login page and input your details correctly
  2. Click on the invite friends
  3. Click on “copy my invitation link”
  4. Send to your friends or past on your social media and make sure they use your link for their registration just the way you register yourself.

Who is the CEO or the Founder of ?

Knowing about the CEO of a platform you wish to join is very important but it is quite unfortunate that many websites keep its identity secret and seems to be one of them. also known as share-za jumia is owned by unkown person. Since the website is supported only in South Africa then the CEO or Founder must be a South African. We at ms-legit are currently making findings about the CEO of this website and once we find out probably in the future, this article will be updated immediately.

Is legit or scam ?

Many registered members have been talking good about the platform especially on social media. Share-za is keeping to its words and payments are being made at due time without delay which makes its members to gain their trust.
Obviously, share-za can be regarded as legit and not scam. Members are testifying.

How do I withdraw my money on ?

Withdrawal on share-za is quite easy, once you have reached the minimum threshold which is R100. You can even earn more before requesting for withdrawal.
Go to your account dashboard, click on the withdrawal button, input the amount you wish to withdraw then click on the submit button.
Payment will be made in 24 hours, exercise patient.

Conclusion on

Here comes to the end of review, am sure you found it interested in reading this article to the end.
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