Review: Another Scam ? Read now to find out the truth about it!

Hi, our beloved readers, we at ms-legit feel much gratitude to welcome you back to another online making money guide, which would be website review.
As usual, when we talk about review, we likely touch many aspects of a various website, making everything about it known to our readers. This is why we are here once again to review on solarcity and by the end of this review you as a reader will get to know the truth about solarcity if it is worth joining or not. We assure you that all your questions base on this platform will be answered to your satisfaction because everything single information you get from this article is authentic.
Let’s just go straight to the reasons why we are here. If you have been hearing about website and you probably don’t really understand how it works or you are hearing this for the first time, then you are encouraged to read this article carefully to the end. is another online making money platform supported in South Africa and one can make money with by doing some simple tasks on their website and also win R100 directly to your account after a successful registration. You also make more money by inviting your friends and families.

What is ?

You might be confused about what is all about but the truth must be told.
Solarcityza.come is an online making money platform that was established in South Africa recently and it is also known as solarHub. Their motive behind the creation of their platform is to create opportunities for those that love making money online to reduce the rate of unemployed people.

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How does work ? claim to pay its users for performing some tasks on their website and also inviting people to the platform.

How do I make money with ?

To make money with, you must be a registered member.
However, You will automatically receive a welcome bonus of R100 once you have successfully registered as a new member.
You can start making more money in many ways like completing of tasks, you will be given at least 14 tasks for free to carry out in a day which will earn you R10. You can also increase your earnings by inviting people to the platform, for each person you invite to the platform you automatically have a commission of 10%, so the more people you invite to join the platform through your referral link, the more money you make.
The best way many people choose to make money with solarcityza is purchasing a solar panel due to the high rate of money this method could bring to you. You might be bothering what it means by purchasing a solar panel if you actually need to purchase a real solar panel physically.
No! You will not purchase the solar panel physically, it is just a way the system works and it is similar. So when you hear purchasing a solar panel on solarcityza it means by upgrading to a VIP plan. Once you purchase a solar panel you will earn a certain amount either hourly or daily. The higher solar panel that’s the VIP plan you purchase the more money you make.

Available VIP plans on ?

Below are the existing VIP plans on website;

  • R300 – 1X1 (Primary Solar Panel)

Time allowed: 90 days

Hourly income: 0.36 to 0.38

Daily income: 8.64 to 9.12

  • R500 – 2X2 (Primary Solar Panel)

Time allowed: 180 days

Hourly income: 0.65 to 0.69

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Daily income: 15.6 to 16.56

  • R1000 – 3X3 (Basic Solar Panel)

Time allowed: 180 days

Hourly income: 1.44 to 0.54

Daily income: 34.56 to 36.96

  • R2000 – 4X4 (Basic Solar Panel)

Time allowed: 180 days

Hourly income: 3.2 to 3.33

Daily income: 76.8 to 79.92

  • R4000 – 5X5 (Intermediate Solar Panel)

Time allowed: 180 days

Hourly income: 6.94 to 7.25

Daily income: 166.56 to 174

  • R8000: 6X6 (Intermediate Solar Panel)

Time allowed: 180 days

Hourly income: 15.15 to 15.18

Daily income: 363.6 to 380.88

Who is the CEO or the Founder of ?

We at ms-legit currently have no information about the owner or the CEO of website because the information about the CEO is hidden from their website. Since the website is supported only in South Africa then the CEO must be a South African. You can try to find out about the CEO of this website but you can’t find it because we have gone extra miles to make sure we find it out but all in vain.

When was launched ?

This is another hidden information. The date was launched could not be found on their website. All these hidden information can make the platform not to be trusted.

Where can I find ?

Fortunately, you can find on the internet. Just go to your phone browser, Google about it or just type and it will take you directly to their official website.

How do I sign up or register on ?

How to sign up

For proper guidance on how to register just follow the steps below

  1. Go to your phone browser and type their official website ( )
  2. Tab the navigation key at the top of the website.
  3. Click on the registration page
  4. Fill in your details correctly for example your phone number, email address, a strong password that you can easily remember and validation code then click on the registration button to finish your registration.
  5. Check your email inbox for verification.
    It doesn’t not take up to a minute to activate your account and immediately after activation you will receive R100 as a welcome bonus.
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How do I login to my account dashboard?

How to sign in

To login to your account dashboard, follow the steps below

  1. Go to their official website at
  2. Tab the navigation key at the top of the website
  3. Click on the login page and input your surname and password then click on the login button. That’s all!

How do I register someone on ?

This is the most interesting part of every platforms because it boast your earnings high without stress attached, just with your referral link. You earn 10% commission ones your prospect successfully uses your referral link for his or her registration. Below is a guide on how to get your referral link

  1. First login to your account dashboard
  2. You can find your referral link on your account dashboard, copy it and send or paste on social media, make sure they use your referral link for their registration just the way you register yourself.

Is legit or scam? can neither be regarded as legit nor scam as the website seems to be new. Though with the review we have carried out can easily make you understand if the platform is worth joining.
For the owner of the website to keep his or her identity secret, it simply means the website can not be trusted because anything can happen and you have no one to hold responsible. So you are advised to invest what you can afford to loose.

How do I withdraw my money on ?

To withdraw your money on solarcityza is quite easy. Once you have reached the minimum threshold which is R300, you can place withdrawal and expect your money within 24hours. To place withdrawal kindly login to your account, click on the withdrawal tap and provide your bank account details and click on the submit button to finish your withdrawal request.
After 24 hours of withdrawal without getting paid, contact their customer care for help. You can find their customer care on their website.

Conclusion on

We at ms-legit always feel gratitude for spending much of your time in reading this article to the end. We look forward in seeing you safe and guided.
Feel free to drop your comment, question or suggestion. Always share our article after reading for the benefit of your friends.


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