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Hi, our beloved readers, If you are the type that is always active on social media like Facebook, then you should have heard about this platform called, because it is a newly launched platform and many people are talking about it.
For the benefit of those that have not heard or they have heard about it but don’t really understand how it works, we are here again to review this making money platform and also enlighten it to enable everyone understand and make a right decision. Therefore, you are urged to read this article with all your attention and never skip a single line. will be reviewed in various aspects such as, what amazon-wealth actually work, how to register and so on.

What is ?

For any online income program you wish to join is very necessary to know what it is all about before making final decision for safety reasons. is a making money platform, supports in many countries like (South Africa, Sydney, Australia, New South Wales, and many more). They claim to pay its users for doing some simple tasks on their website. The simple tasks are what we are going to look next.

How does work ?

For you to start making money with, you must be a registered member and it is compulsory. You get paid for almost everything you do on their website. Amazon-wealth is controlled by Amazon shopping platform.

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How do I make money with ?

The tasks one can perform in order to make money with amazon-wealth is quite easy and simple to carry out. You have to perform the tasks daily to accumulate fast and withdraw but you can choose to perform the tasks any day you wish. These tasks are liking of posts and referring of friends and families.

How do I register or sign up on ?


For your proper guidance on how to sign up on platform, follow the steps below;

  1. Go to your phone browser and type their official website ( )
  2. Click on the registration page
  3. Fill in the form correctly with your details
  4. Provide a strong password that you can easily remember, then click on the register button to finish your registration.
    That’s all and you are a member!

How do I login to my account dashboard ?


Go to their official website and tap on the login page, input your phone number and password then click on the login button.
Note: if you forget your password, don’t bother just click on the link FORGOTTEN PASSWORD and everything will be resolved in a short while.

How do I register someone on ?

Probably, you will like to register your friends and families due to the way making money with amazon-wealth is helping for daily needs or you just want to get enough referral bonus because this is the most easiest way to boost your money higher. To register someone properly without loosing your referral bonus, follow the steps below;

  1. First login to your account dashboard and click on the receive button at the homepage.
  2. After the page has opened, click on the invite friends button and copy your referral link.
  3. Send it to your friends and families, make sure they register through your referral link just the way you register yourself.
    Note: inviting people to the platform can make you stand a chance to become a VIP member, if you can be able to invite at least 3 people daily.
    For each person you invite to the platform, you automatically earn 15% as referral bonus or reward ( 5USDT)
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Amazon-wealth has many available plans which could enable you make more money when you upgrade. Below are the lists of amazon-wealth plans;

  1. VIP0 – USDT0.00: USDT0.10 per order and 0.60 daily profit.
  2. VIP1 – USDT18.00: USDT0.11 per order and 33.00 Monthly Income
  3. VIP2 – USDT110.00: USDT0.33 per order and 198.00 Montly income
  4. VIP3 – USDT280.00: USDT0.55 per order and 495.00 Monthly income
  5. VIP4 – USDT880.00: USDT1.23 per order and 1476.00 Monthly income
  6. VIP5 – USDT1980.00: USDT1.58 per order and 3318.00 Monthly income
  7. VIP6 – USDT4980.00: USDT1.80 per order and 8100.00 Monthly income
  8. VIP7 – USDT12888.00: USDT1.90 per order and 19950.00 Monthly income
  9. VIP8 – USDT28888.00: USDT2.00 per order and 45000.00 Monthly income

Who is the CEO or the Founder of ?

We at ms-legit currently have no information about the CEO of website, though we have gone through their website thoroughly but nothing about the CEO was found. For the owner of any online income program website to keep its identity secret, there must be something he or she is hiding from his/her users. Probably, if the website eventually folds up you as a member will have nobody to hold responsible.

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When was was launched ?

Even the date this platform was launched is also unkown. Though it is a newly launched platform because we started hearing about it just of recently. Hopefully, more information about the website will soon be revealed.

Is legit ?

It has not been confirmed by any means if amazon-wealth if it is legit and we (ms-legit) can not regard it as legit though no complaint so far from registered members and even the features in the website make it seem to be legit.

Is a scam ?

According to what we have discovered so far about website, it can not be regarded as a scam. But that does not mean it is 100% legit, anything can happen so we at ms-legit advice you to always invest what you can afford to loose. If you can not bear risks, you can not make money online so just accept the fact and be ready to bear the risks.

How do I withdraw my money on ?

There is a certain amount members of have to accumulate to be qualified for withdrawal. Once you have accumulated the minimum threshold as required, you can use any of the payment methods you prefer to request for withdrawal at anytime and at any day.
You are to expect your money (alert) within 24hours, though it depends on the time you place for withdrawal. After 24hours and you are yet to receive payment, kindly contact their customer care for help, you can find it on their official website. conclusion

We at ms-legit feel much gratitude for your time spent in reading this article to the end. We look forward in seeing you safe from scamming website and getting proper guidance. Always feel free to drop your own point of view through the comment section.
Note: Daily completing of tasks on website can actually earns you 5USDT. While referring of friends and families earn you 2.00 USDT each.

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