Harvesttime.site Review – Fake or Real How it works Sign up ?

Dear esteem readers, we at ms-legit feel and also express our profound gratitude to you all. You are highly welcome back again to another online making money guide. Which we would consider or deeply look into, this online program called ‘harvesttime.site’.

As usual, we will give accurate answers to all the questions bothering you base on this harvesttime.site, everything about harvesttime.site will be revealed.

Today we brought to you another online income program review, which would help you in making perfect decisions on online income programs.
Harvesttime.site is a money making platform that supports many countries like Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, India and so many others. No matter where you find yourself, you are qualify to be part of this program, once you have access to the internet.
Making money with harvesttime.site is pretty easy, if you are the type that is good at referring then this opportunity is mainly for you, but if you are not good at referring you can just try the little you can. Invite your friends and families and get paid, that is how the platform actually earn you money. Due to what you must have seen or heard about this platform, probably on the social media such as Facebook or Instagram and you are willing to join this platform (harvesttime.site) without knowing deeply about it, then just believe that you have arrived at the right place, every single information you come across in this review is authentic.

Be rest assured that by the end of this article, you will get to know if the platform (harvesttime.site) is a scam or legit, how to register, how to make more money on the website and many more.
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What is harvesttime.site ?

Harvesttime.site also known as CronLab PTC is an investment platform that claim to pay its users a certain amount of money depending on what you invest in their website.
The motive behind the creation of their website is to help those who have interest in making money online to have more cash to support their daily needs. With harvest time, no insufficient fund anymore.

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How does harvesttime.site work ?

Everything about harvesttime.site is very simple. You have to perform some tasks which would earn you money and these tasks are simple to carry out. With just your mobile phone to enable you connect to the internet, you are good to go. You make money by investment and referral.

How to earn money on harvesttime.site ?

There are only two ways one could make more money with harvesttime.site website, let’s look into them one after the other.

Investment plans: In this type of plan, you make money by investing on the website and this will cost you real money to do so. All you have to do is, you must invest a certain amount of money and you will get paid of 20% of what you invest on each level.

Referrals: For each prospect you bring to the website, you automatically have a commission of R200. The more people you invite to the platform, the more money you make.

Available packages or levels on harvesttime.site ?

Harvesttime.site has only but three (3) different levels which would enable everyone to invest base on what you can afford. Let’s discuss about these levels one by one.

  1. Starter level: In this level, you have to invest from the amount of R500 to R1999 then 20% of your investment will be paid back to you daily which is 100 to 399.8, interest lasts for 10 days.
  2. Medium level: In this level, you are required to invest from R2000 to R3999, then 20% of your investment will be returned back to you that is R400 to R799 daily as your reward for 10 days.
  3. Advance level: You are allowed to invest from R4000 to R6000, 20% of your investment must surely be returned back to you daily and reward for 10 days. For instance, 20% of your investment from R4000 to R6000 is equivalent to R800 to R1200.
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How do I sign up or register on harvesttime.site ?


To sign up or register on harvesttime.site is not hard, remember what I earlier said ( everything about harvesttime.site is pretty easy). Follow the steps below for your proper registration

  1. Go to your phone browser and type their official website (www.harvesttime.site)
  2. After the website is open, you will see the registration button just click on it
  3. Fill in your details correctly as required, such as your full name, username, mobile number, email address and a strong password.
  4. Cross-check if your details are correct then click on the link below the form “REGISTER NOW” to finish your registration.
  1. Wait for the page to load then it will redirect you to your account dashboard. Boom!! You are member.

How do I login to my harvesttime.site account?

Always go to their official website at www.harvesttime.com for anything you wish to do. Follow the steps below for your login guide

  1. Once you visit their official website, click on the login at the navigation key
  2. Provide your registered email address and the password
  3. Click on the login button to sign in to your account dashboard.

How do I register someone in harvesttime.site ?

You might probably like to invite your friends and families to join the platform and by so doing you are making more money. All you have to do in order to claim your referral bonus, just go to your account dashboard, there you can find “my referral and link” click on it and copy your referral link and send to your friends and families or you can even paste on your social media timeline. Make sure your prospect correctly uses your referral link for his or her registration. After a successful registration you will automatically have a bonus of R200 for each prospect.

How to deposit or fund your harvesttime.site account balance ?

First of all login to your harvesttime.site account dashboard, click on “deposit balance” then click on local deposit and wait for it to load in a short time and you will be taken to the area of making payments where will find many payment methods with different charges, click on your preferred method of payment. Pay your desired amount from R500 to R6000 depending on your level.

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How do i withdraw my money on harvesttime.com ?

To withdraw your money on harvesttime.site, login to your account dashboard and click on “withdrawal balance”. Remember harvesttime.site has five (5) different ways of payment with different charges. Choose your preferred withdrawal payment option and input correctly your account details also with the amount you wish to withdraw.
After that, wait for your alert within 24 to 72 hours. Below are the available method of withdrawal;

  1. Bank transfer: Bank transfer does not charge. R0.00 is fixed and 0.00% on each withdraw.
  2. Kash: this option will charge you R0.00 fixed and 2.00% on every withdraw.
  3. Bitcoin-USD: will charge you R0.00 fixed + 3.00% on every withdraw.
  4. Cash: you will be charged R1.00 fixed and 0.00% on each withdrawal.
  5. ETH: will charge you R2.00 fixed and 10.00% on every withdraw.

Who is the CEO or the Founder of harvesttime.site ?

We at ms-legit currently have no information about the CEO of harvesttime.site yet, although we tried our best in finding the real owner but it is quite unfortunate that the owner of the website decided to hid his or her identity. But if you wish to know more you can visit the website because they have contact us page.

When was harvesttime.site launched ?

No proper informations about the launching date yet because we could not find it on their website for some reasons better Known by the owner of the website to hide this.

Is harvesttime.site legit ?

No! Obviously, nothing in the website seems to regard it as legit. For making the website owner identity hidden, even the launching date can not be found. The way of making money is few and you must invest before getting paid. With all these reasons we at ms-legit regard it as scam and not a legit website.
You are advised to always invest what you can afford to loose.

Is harvesttime.site a scam ?

Yes! Apparently, for a website owner to keep his or her identity secret that means it will definitely fold up at anytime and you can not hold anybody responsible because you do not even know the owner.

Harvesttime.site conclusion

Thank you for spending much of your time in reading this article, always remember to share after reading.
Base on what you have read so far, you can let us know if this platform is worth joining and if you are a registered member, you can also share with us your experience with the website. Always remember to drop your comment before leaving.
Note: Your safety remains our priority.

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