Review – Climaxtrend platform, is it a scam or legit?

Carefully read this article for more information about climaxtrend because this review was written base on what was seen in their website. Also the motive behind this review is to make everything about climaxtrend more understandable and also to enlighten our readers. so don’t skip a line, for any line skipped might need you to miss important information. Climaxtrend income platform will be reviewed in the following subtitles; what is, how does it work, how to register an many more.

What is income program ?

Climaxtrend is a social platform where one can get latest news or updates and also make money from it by doing many simple tasks in the website. This platform is a multi-purpose Income program created by a team with the aim of reducing the rate of unemployment. Don’t be scared because this platform is under control by well experienced entrepreneur.

The motive behind this platform is to help people who have interest in making money online and also to help people connect together via social channel, and also to let people get across to information via their media channel.

How does climaxtrend work?

Climaxtrend is an educative site that helps you with latest updates on what is happening around the globe. Climaxtrend is also an online business platform where you earn and get paid by doing simple tasks for instance, you can earn money by reading news, login daily to the site and many more at the comfort of your home with your mobile phone or laptop.

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Climaxtrend income ways of earning ?

On climaxtrend income program, there are only two ways to earn which are;


Activities earnings

Now let’s discuss how to earn on climaxtrend through the above mentioned ways.

Referring: There is a certain amount of money you will be paid automatically to your climaxtrend account for any prospect you bring to the platform. What this means is that when you refer your friend to join this platform through your referral link and they successful registered, you will be paid a referral commission of #1,200.

Note: Referral is optional. It’s just a way to boost your earnings high and you can earn this commission by copying your referral link on your account dashboard and send it to your friends for registration.

Activities earnings: This is the main way of earning by doing many simple tasks on the website. If you find it difficult in referring people then this is the best option for you to earn and there are many ways to earn that’s why it’s called activities earnings. Below are the ways to earn.

You get an instant 1,000# registration bonus immediately your account is successfully activated.

You get an instant 500# Airtime of your desired network provider for having your credit alert testimony posted with the best caption on their website or Facebook.

You will be paid 10# automatically for each comment you make on any article on the website. You are only eligible to earn this when your comment is more that 5 words. Commenting below 5 words ( such as yes, okay, good, nice etc) will forfeit you for the earning.

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You get paid of 20# for any news you click on the website.

You get an instant 100# for the first login of the day to your account.

There is a special post tags with the date of the day that always appears on the website differently everyday that is called viral post. When you share this post on your Facebook timeline, you will be given 100#.

You can also earn 100# for posting an article

How do I register or sign up?

You can be a full member of climaxtrend program with a one time registration fee of 1,800#. Below are the steps on how to register on climaxtrend platform;

  1. To register click here
  2. Contact any coupon vendors and make payment of 1,800# to get your coupon code
  3. Fill in your details correctly and insert the coupon code then click on submit.
    Congratulations!! You are now a member

How do I login to my account dashboard?

This is very simple as abc. Visit their official website @ then click on the login button and insert your email or username and password.

Who can be a member on climaxtrend?

Fortunately, everyone can be a member of climaxtrend program despite the age, tribe etc wether you are a student, civil servant, and so on in as much as you have a device that can access the internet either smart phone or laptop.

How do I register someone on

To register someone, go to your account dashboard and copy your referral link then send it to your friends or past on social media, convince them to use the link for their registration just the way you register yourself.

Do I get paid without referral?

Yes! Climaxtrend claim to pay you without referral because referral is totally optional and you will be paid completely.

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Is climaxtrend a scam or legit ?

No report or complaint has been made so far from registered members. So I can neither say it is a scam or legit but always bear in mind that nothing last forever. They can be good today and bad tomorrow, so check your pocket and use what you can afford to loose to register on climaxtrend. withdrawal

Non-referral are eligible to request for withdrawal ones in two weeks with the minimum activities threshold of 10,000# while referral earnings can place for withdrawal every Fridays and Saturdays.
Payment are made after 1 hour of withdrawal.

What will I benefit after registration on climaxtrend program?

  • All members must surely get paid with or without referral
  • At the comfort of your home, you will be making money online weekly. No stress attached.
  • A stable source of income.
  • You don’t have to spend much time on climaxtrend program just 20 minutes is okay to set up a day.

When was launched? was launched last year (2020) by unkown person, the above information was written base on what was seen in the website and the name of the owner was not found.

Summary on

Climaxtrend income program is a social platform where you can make cool cash online while reading latest news. They claim to pay you all your earnings with or without referral. Below is a brief summary of how to make money on climaxtrend program

•Registration fee = N1,800
•Registration bonus = N1,000
• Daily login = N100
• Reading news = N20
• Commenting = N10
• Viral share = N100
• Referral bonus = N1,200
• Airtime = 500

Conclusion on

Here comes to the end of review.
Thanks for your time spent in reading this article to the end, would appreciate if you give your own point of view about this review via the comment section to help us improve the way of writing. And if you are a registered member of climaxtrend program please also do well to share with us your experience on climaxtrend program by making use of the comment box. Thanks!


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